3DUI 2007 07 Committees 07 07
3DUI Chairs
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger York University, Canada
Yoshifumi Kitamura Osaka University, Japan
Sabine Coquillart Inria, France
3DUI Program Commitee
Roland Blach Fraunhofer IAO, Germany
Sabine Coquillart Inria, France
Mario Doulis Fachhochschule Aargau, Switzerland
Steven Feiner Columbia University, USA
Pablo Figueroa Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Bernd Froehlich University of Weimar, Germany
Martin Hachet Inria, France
Takeo Igarashi University of Tokyo, Japan
Masahiko Inami Univ. of Electro-Communications, Japan
Yoshifumi Kitamura Osaka University, Japan
Kiyoshi Kiyokawa Osaka University, Japan
Ernst Kruijff TU Graz, Austria
Gord Kurtenbach Autodesk/Alias, Canada
Joe LaViola Brown University, USA
Marcio Pinho PUCRS, Brazil
Ivan Poupyrev Sony CSL, Japan
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger York University, Canada
Mary Whitton Univ. of NC at Chapel Hill, USA
3DUI Posters Chair
Raimund Dachselt Univ. of Dresden, Germany

As the organization of 3DUI 2007 is shared with IEEE VR 2007, all request about organizatorial aspects of the event should be directed towards the respective VR commitee, as specified on the VR 2007 Committee page.

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