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Tentative Schedule

 Saturday, March 10
3D Movement
A. Kadri, A. Lécuyer, J. Burkhardt, S. Richir, Visual Appearance of User's Avatar Can Influence the 3D Manipulation of Both Real Devices and Virtual Objects
J. LaViola, D. Lemmerman, Effects of Interaction-Display Offset on User Performance in Surround Screen Virtual Enviroments
J. Keijser, S. Carpendale, M. Hancock, T. Isenberg, Exploring 3D Interaction in Alternate Control-Display Space Mappings
10:00-10:45Coffee Break
Sequences & Gestures
R. McMahan, D. Bowman, An Empirical Comparison of Task Sequences for Immersive Virtual Environments
A. Sherstyuk, D. Vincent, J. Lui, K. Connolly, K. Wang, S. Saiki, T. Caudell, Design and Development of a Pose-Based Command Language for Triage Training in Virtual Reality
A. Sherstyuk, J. Pair, A. Treskunov, Optical Sight Metaphor for Virtual Environments (Technote)
M. Naef, J. Payne, AutoEval mkII - Interaction Design for a VR Design Review System (Technote)
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
J. LaViola, M. Katzourin, An Exploration of Non-Isomorphic 3D Rotation in Surround Screen Virtual Environments
K. Hirota, Y. Saeki, Cross-section Projector: Interactive and Intuitive Presentation of 3D Volume Data using a Handheld Screen
R. Kaufman, A Family of New Ergonomic Harness Mechanisms for Full-Body Natural Constrained Motions in Virtual Environments
14:45-15:00Poster Madness
15:00-16:00Poster Presentation Break
Mixed & Augmented Reality
I. Barakonyi, H. Prendinger, D. Schmalstieg, M. Ishizuka, Cascading Hand and Eye Movement for Augmented Reality Videoconferencing
H. Benko, S. Feiner, Balloon Selection: A Multi-Finger Technique for Accurate Low-Fatigue 3D Selections
F.-K. Krause, J. Israel, J. Neumann, T. Feldmann-Wüstefeld, Usability of Hybrid, Physical and Virtual Objects for Basic Manipulation Tasks in Virtual Environments
M. Kobayashi, M. Oikawa, T. Koike, K. Utsugi, M. Yamasaki, S. Kitagawa, Character Interaction System with Autostereoscopic Display (Technote)
 Sunday, March 11
08:45-10:00Keynote - Robert J.K. Jacob, Tufts University, USA, Reality-Based Interaction
10:00-10:45Coffee Break
3D Selection
C. Andujar, F. Argelaguet, Virtual Pads: Decoupling motor space and visual space for improved manipulation of 2D windows within VEs
A. Ulinski, C. Zanbaka, Z. Wartell, P. Goolkasian, L. Hodges, Two Handed Selection Techniques for Volumetric Data
L. Vanacken, T. Grossman, K. Coninx, Exploring the Effects of Environment Density and Target Visibility on Object Selection in 3D Virtual Environments
12:00-13:30Lunch Break
R. Scheibe, M. Moehring, B. Froehlich, Tactile Feedback at the Finger Tips for Improved Direct Interaction in Immersive Environments
E. Acosta, A. Liu, Real-time interactions and synchronization of voxel-based collaborative virtual environments
X. Righetti, S. Cardin, D. Thalmann, F. Vexo, Immersive flight for surveillance applications (Technote)
B. Panchaphongsaphak, R. Riener, "Tokens and Board" User Interface from Force-Torque Sensing Technique (Technote)
15:00-15:45Coffee Break
3D Navigation & Entertainment
E. Suma, S. Babu, L. Hodges, Comparison of Travel Techniques in a Complex, Multi-Level 3D Environment
T. Wang, X. Li, J. Shi, An Avatar-Based Approach to 3D User Interface Design for Children
J. Templeman, L. Sibert, R. Page, P. Denbrook, Pointman - A Device-Based Control for Realistic Tactical Movement (Technote)
V. Interrante, B. Ries, L. Anderson, Seven League Boots: An New Metaphor for Augmented Locomotion through Large Scale Immersive Virtual Environments (Technote)
17:00-17:15Best Paper Award & Closing

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