3DUI 2008 07 Posters 07 07

List of Accepted Posters

Poster: Sliding Viewport for Head Mounted Displays in Interactive Environments
Andrei Sherstyuk, Dale Vincent, Caroline Jay

Poster: A study on EEG oscillations for BCI during standing
Hideaki Touyama, Michitaka Hirose

Poster: ARLIST - An Augmented Reality Environment for Life Support Training
Fabrício Pretto, Isabel Harb Manssour, Emerson Rodrigues da Silva, Maria Helena Itaqui Lopes, Márcio Sarroglia

Poster: A Framework for Interaction Interoperability in Virtual Environments
Hussein M. Ahmed, Denis Gra?anin, Ayman Abdel-Hamid

Poster: Evaluation of Wayfinding Aid Techniques in Multi-Level Virtual Environments
Felipe Bacim

Poster: The NetEyes Collaborative, Augmented Reality, Digital Paper System
D. McGee, X. Huang, P. Barthelmess, P. Cohen

Poster: Generic Redirected Walking & Dynamic Passive Haptics: Evaluation and Implications for Virtual Locomotion Interfaces
Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder, Timo Ropinski, Klaus Hinrichs

Poster: Tangible Controllers for 3D Widgets
Krzysztof J. Kruszy?ski, Robert van Liere

Poster: A Software Framework for Easy Integration of Speech Recognition into 3D Browsers
Ednaldo Brigante Pizzolato, Diego Daniel Duarte, Marcio Merino Fernandes

Poster: Authoring tool for intuitive editing of avatar pose using a virtual puppet
Takafumi Serizawa, Yasuyuki Yanagida

Poster: Effects of Head Tracking and Stereo on Non-Isomorphic 3D Rotation
Joseph J. LaViola Jr., Andrew S. Forsberg, John Huffman, Andrew Bragdon

Poster: Toward an Interactive Box-shaped 3D Display: Study of the Requirements for Wide Field of View
Roberto Lopez-Gulliver, Shunsuke Yoshida, Sumio Yano, Naomi Inoue

Poster: Free Form Projection Display: Virtual Image Located Inside Real Object
Daisuke Kondo, Ryugo Kijima

Poster: Image-Based 3D Display with Motion Parallax using Face Tracking
Tsuyoshi Suenaga, Yasuyuki Tamai, Yuichi Kurita, Yoshio Matsumoto,Tsukasa Ogasawara

Poster: Evolution of a Theremin-Based 3D-Interface for Music Synthesis
Christian Geiger, Holger Reckter, David Paschke, Florian Schulz

Poster: 3-D Display Using Motion Parallax for Outdoor User Interface
Kazutake Uehira, Masahiro Suzuki, Yoshiaki Kobayashi

Poster: An Approach to Study of Hypermedia Information Navigation in Virtual Environments
Kecia Wright, Denis Gra?anin

Poster: Evaluation of an Approach for Remote Object Manipulation Utilizing Dynamic Magnifying Lenses
Anuraag Agrawal, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura

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