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Tentative Schedule

 Saturday, March 8
S. Coquillart, W. Stuerzlinger, K. Kiyokawa

3D Interaction from Desktop to Immersion
Chair: Yoshifumi Kitamura
Withinwindows: A Framework for the Development of Transitional Desktop and Immersive Interfaces
A. Hill, A. Johnson - U. of Illinois at Chicago

Tangible User Interfaces Compensate for Low Spatial Cognition
J. Quarles, S. Lampotang , I. Fischler, P. Fishwick, B. Lok - U. of Florida

Chair: Bernd Fröhlich
A Haptic Virtual Boroscope for Visual Engine Inspection Training
D. Vembar, A. Duchowski, S. Sadasivan, A. Gramopadhye - Clemson University

TubeMouse – a Two Handed Input Device for Flexible Objects
C. Geiger - U. Duesseldorf, O. Rattay - Flexilution gmbh

TechNote: Digital Foam
R. Smith, W. Piekarski, B. Thomas - U. of South Australia

TechNote: Strain-based User Interface Using a Wooden Balance Beam
S. Amano, M. Iida, T. Naemura - U. of Tokyo, H. Ota - Hitachi, Ltd.

12:00-13:30Lunch Break
13:30-14:30Panel 3D User Interfaces: Present and Future
Panel Chair: M. Hirose - The Univ. of Tokyo
Panelists: D. Bowman - Virginia Tech, Y. Kitamura - Osaka University, W. Stuerzlinger - York University

Chair: Raimund Dachselt
Posters Fast Forward
15:00-16:05Posters (see list of accepted Posters)
Input Techniques
Chair: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
Assessing the Effects of Orientation and Device on (Constrained) 3D Movement Techniques
R. Teather, W. Stuerzlinger - York University

TechNote: Dynamic Dragging for Input of 3D Trajectories
D. Keefe, R. Zeleznik, D. Laidlaw - Brown University

TechNote: rapMenu: Remote Menu Selection Using Freehand Gestural Input
T. Ni, R. McMahan, D. Bowman - Virginia Tech

 Sunday, March 9
Chair: Sabine Coquillart
Keynote - 3D world between Virtual and Real
Michitaka Hirose, The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan.
Chair: Robert W. Lindeman
HEMP - Hand-Displacement-Based Pseudo-Haptics: A Study of a Force Field Application
A. Pusch, O. Martin, S. Coquillart - i3D - INRIA Rhône-Alpes - LIG

3D Virtual Haptic Cone for Intuitive Vehicle Motion Control
B. Horan, Z. Najdovski, S. Nahavandi - Deakin University, E. Tunstel - John Hopkins University

Real-Time 3D Fluid Interaction with a Haptic User Interface
J. Mora, W.S. Lee - University of Ottawa, SITE

12:00-13:30Lunch Break
3D Navigation and Locomotion
Chair: Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Navidget for Easy 3D Camera Positioning from 2D Inputs
M. Hachet, F. Decle, S. Knödel, P. Guitton - INRIA Bordeaux University

Elastic Control for Navigation Tasks on Pen-based Handheld Computers
M. Hachet - INRIA Bordeaux University, A. Kulik - Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

LLCM-WIP: Low-Latency, Continuous-Motion Walking-In_Place
J. Feasel, J. Wendt, M. Whitton - U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

TechNote: 4Record – Recording and Controlling Spatiotemporal paths in Virtual Environments
M. Doulis, M. Rietmann, J. Pflueger - Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Augmented Reality and Multimodality
Chair: Doug Bowman
Interactive Bits: Prototyping of Mixed Reality Applications and Interaction Techniques through Visual Programming
W. Broll, J. Herling, L. Blum - Fraunhofer FIT

Studies on the Effectiveness of Virtaul Pointers in Collaborative Augmented Reality
J. Chastine - Georgia State University, K. Nagel - Clayton State University, Y. Zhu, M. Hudacheck-Buswell - Georgia State University

User Needs Analysis to Design a 3D Multimodal Protein-Docking Interface
N. Ferey, G. Bouyer, C. Martin, P. Bourdot - LIMSI, J. Nelson, JM. Burkhardt - ECI - U. Paris V

17:00-17:15Best Paper Award
W. Stuerzlinger

S. Coquillart, W. Stuerzlinger, K. Kiyokawa

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