3DUI 2009 07 Call for Participation: Demonstrations 07 07
IEEE 3DUI 2009 
        March 14-15 2009
        Lafayette, Louisiana, USA    

The 3DUI Symposium invites research demonstrations within the scope of three-dimensional user interfaces. Demonstrations provide an interactive forum in which authors can present their system to symposium attendees at a special demo session and during conference breaks. Demonstrations should interest the broad 3DUI community and be presentable in a conference setting.

Accepted demonstrations will be invited to participate in an exhibition of new and innovative work. The conference will provide basic infrastructure for the demos. In addition, authors of accepted demonstrations will have a time slot in the Demonstration Session to communicate more general information about the specific demo and other work being performed at the lab.

Accepted demonstrations will be presented during the 3DUI 2009 Symposium, however, those authors are cordially invited to present their systems at the VR 2009 Conference as well. In this case, the demonstration will be listed by both events. Please note however that you will need to move your equipment from the demonstration area of 3DUI to that of VR.

Demonstration submissions should be in the form of a one page PDF manuscript prepared in IEEE VGTC format. It should describe the author(s) and affiliation, the research problem, as well as the contribution to the field. Since demonstrations are not counted as publications, they will be more lightly reviewed than papers and tech-notes. However, accepted manuscripts will also appear in the printed proceedings and thus a certain quality of the poster description is required. Authors must title their manuscripts with "Demos: title" to differentiate it from other types of submission categories in the proceedings.

Your manuscript should be directly emailed to the 3DUI 2009 Demo Chairs:

In the email, you should also discuss the following setup requirements in plain text. Please note that we do not guarantee that the requirements will be satisfied.
- list of items to bring
- list of items to borrow (e.g. chairs, desks)
- necessary space (width by depth)
- power consumption (watts)
- other requirements

The deadline for demonstrations submissions is: December 26, 2008.

After this date, venue and publication space cannot be guaranteed. However, researchers are encouraged to contact the chairs to discuss their potential demonstration and the available options.

For more information or to submit a proposal contact the 3DUI 2009 Demo Chairs:

3DUI 2009 Demo Chairs:
- Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Osaka University, Japan
- Sabine Coquillart, INRIA, France
- Ravin Balakrishnan, University of Toronto, Canada
- Laura Monroe, Los Alamos National Laboratories
- Ed Lantz, Vortex Immersion
- Moonho Park, Samsung
- Simon Richir, Laval Virtual
- Diane Favro, University of California, Los Angeles
- Andreas Gerndt, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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