3DUI 2009 07 Program 07 07

Final Program

 Saturday, March 14
09:15-09:25 Introduction
K. Kiyokawa, S. Coquillart, R. Balakrishnan

Session 1: Navigation
Chair: Chad Wingrave
Measuring the Effect of Gaming Experience on Virtual Environment Navigation Tasks
Shamus P. Smith, Sam DufMont

A Direct Manipulation Interface for Time Navigation in Scientific Visualizations
Marc Wolter, Bernd Hentschel, Irene Tedjo-Palczynski, Torsten Kuhlen

Tech-note: ScrutiCam: Camera Manipulation Technique for 3D Objects Inspection
Fabrice Decle, Martin Hachet, Pascal Guitton

Session 2: Body Interaction
Chair: Bernd Froehlich
Virtual Multi-Tools for Hand and Tool-Based Interaction with Life-Size Virtual Human Agents
Aaron Kotranza, Kyle Johnsen, Juan Cendan, Bayard Miller, D. Scott Lind, Benjamin Lok

A Multiscale Interaction Technique for Large, High-Resolution Displays
Sarah M. Peck, Chris North, Doug Bowman

Tech-note: Device-Free Interaction Spaces
Daniel Stødle, Olga Troyanskaya, Kai Li, Otto J. Anshus

Chair: Pablo Figueroa
Posters & Demos Fast Forward

12:30-13:30Lunch Break (provided)
13:30-15:15Posters & Demos (see list of accepted Posters & Demos)
Session 3: Performance Analysis
Chair: Marcio Pinho
Effects of Tracking Technology, Latency, and Spatial Jitter on Object Movement
Robert J. Teather, Andriy Pavlovych, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, I. Scott MacKenzie

Selection Performance Based on Classes of Bimanual Actions
Amy C. Ulinski, Zachary Wartell, Paula Goolkasian, Evan A. Suma, Larry F. Hodges

The Influence of Input Device Characteristics on Spatial Perception in Desktop-Based 3D Applications
Alexander Kulik, Jan Hochstrate, André Kunert, Bernd Froehlich

 Sunday, March 15
Session 4: Wayfinding and Locomotion
Chair: Joe LaViola
Wayfinding Techniques for MultiScale Virtual Environments
Felipe Bacim, Doug Bowman, Marcio Pinho

Arch-Explore: A Natural User Interface for Immersive Architectural Walkthroughs
Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke, Klaus H. Hinrichs

Tech-note: Vtrail: Supporting Trailblazing in Virtual Environments
Daniel Iaboni, Carolyn MacGregor

Session 5: Haptics and Multimodal
Chair: Martin Hachet
A Tactile Distribution Sensor Which Enables Stable Measurement Under High and Dynamic Stretch
Hassan Alirezaei, Akihiko Nagakubo, Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Tech-note: Multimodal Feedback in 3D Target Acquisition
Dalia El-Shimy, Georgios Marentakis, Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Tech-note: Iterative Design and Test of a Multimodal Experience
Holger Reckter, Christian Geiger, Jürgen Singer, Stephan Streuber

Chair: Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
Keynote Address - The Inner Child of 3DUI Research
Gordon Kurtenbach, Director in the Applied Research Group, Autodesk
12:00-13:30Lunch Break (provided)
Session 6: Mixed Reality
Chair: Ernst Kruijff
Egocentric Navigation for Video Surveillance in 3D Virtual Environments
Gerwin de Haan, Josef Scheuer, Raymond de Vries, Frits H. Post

Visual Clutter Management in Augmented Reality: Effects of Three Label Separation Methods on Spatial Judgments
Stephen D. Peterson, Magnus Axholt, Matthew Cooper, Stephen R. Ellis

Tech-note: Spatial Interaction using Depth Camera for Miniature AR
Kyungdahm Yun, Woontack Woo

14:35-14:50Best Paper Award
S. Coquillart

K. Kiyokawa, S. Coquillart, R. Balakrishnan

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