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3DUI 2009 Keynote

"The Inner Child of 3DUI Research"

Dr. Gordon Kurtenbach
Director in the Applied Research Group, Autodesk


Everyday more and more of our products, vehicles and buildings are designed with 3D digital tools. Essentially, digital prototyping has come of age, so much so that it could be considered unusual for something to be designed without a CAD tool being used at some point in the design process. Based on this success, are we done? In this talk I'll argue that there are ideas yet to explore which are compelling and intrinsically linked to research on 3DUIs that may produce research contributions that lead to both the usual increase in productivity but also feed a user's sense of joy, wonder, and satisfaction.


Gordon Kurtenbach is a director in the Applied Research Group at Autodesk. The group's focus is on 3D interactive graphics with research in the areas of interaction technologies, modeling, animation and rendering. Prior to Autodesk, Gordon was a researcher at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center and Apple Computer's Advanced Technology group. Gordon recieved his Ph.D. from University of Toronto in Computer Science and has many research publications and patents in human computer interaction. Research areas: human-computer interaction: input devices, bi-manual input, high degree of freedom input, menuing systems, UI for 3d graphics, human motor control and perception. Gord works with George Fitzmaurice, Jos Stam, and Azam Khan.

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