3DUI 2007 07 Awards 07 07

Best Paper Award

Revisiting Path Steering for 3D Manipulation Tasks
Lei Liu, Jean-Bernard Martens, Robert van Liere

Honorable mention

Improving Collaboration in Co-located Interactions with Show-Through Techniques
Ferran Argelaguet, André Kunert, Alexander Kulik, Bernd Froehlich

Best Technote Award

The Implementation of a Novel Walking Interface within an Immersive Display
David Swapp, Julian Williams, Anthony Steed

Best Poster Award

Redirected Touching: Warping Space to Remap Passive Haptics
Luv Kohli

Live Contest: First prize

Fighting Gobblers - Virginia Tech
Felipe Bacim, Regis Kopper, Anamary Leal, Tao Ni, Doug Bowman

Live Contest: Second prize - University of Hamburg
Steffi Beckhaus, Kristopher J. Blom, Matthias Haringer

Video Contest First prize:

Three guys and three girls (University of Hasselt, Belgium)
Lode Vanacken, Sofie Notelaers , Johanna Octavia, Anastasiia Beznosyk , Tom De Weyer, Steven Maesen

Video Contest Second prize:

VRM (VRM, Ukraine)
Maxim Lysak, Viktor Kuropyatnik


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