3DUI 2007 07 Posters Program 07 07

List of Accepted Posters

1. A Framework for Volume Segmentation and Visualization Using
Augmented Reality

Takehiro Tawara, Kenji Ono

2. jReality --- Interactive Audiovisual Applications Across Virtual

Peter Brinkmann, Charles Gunn, Steffen Weissmann

3. Immersive Virtual Studio for Architectural Exploration
Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke, Dimitar Valkov, Klaus Hinrichs

4. Evaluating Depth Perception of Photorealistic Mixed Reality
Visualizations for Occluded Objects in Outdoor Environments

Arindam Dey, Andrew Cunningham, Christian Sandor

5. Redirected Touching: Warping Space to Remap Passive Haptics
Luv Kohli

6. 3-D facial expressions modulate perception of emotion of emotive voice
Kota Arai, Michiteru Kitazaki

7. Towards a Handheld Stereo Projector System for Viewing and
Interacting in Virtual Worlds

Andrew Miller, Joseph J LaViola Jr.

8. Robust Vision-Based Hand Tracking Using Single Camera for
Ubiquitous 3D Gesture Interaction

Sergio Rodriguez, Artzai Picon, Aritz Villodas

9. A Tangible User Interface Using Spatial Augmented Reality
Leith K. Y. Chan, Henry Y. K. Lau

10. Mobile Devices as multi-DOF Controllers
Nicholas Katzakis, Masahiro Hori

11. KHAKI: A Hemispherical, Multi-function Input Device for 3D Operation
Takumi OHSHIMA, Takafumi SERIZAWA, Yasuyuki YANAGIDA

12. Passive Hand Pose Recognition in Virtual Reality
Victor Zappi, Andrea Brogni, Darwin Caldwell


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