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  • Full paper: 25 minutes including questions (20+5)
  • Technote: 18 minutes including questions (14+4)


9:00am Introduction
9:15-10:30am Keynote - Interactive "Smart" Computers, Takeo Igarashi
10:30-11:00am Break

Games & Music

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

RealNav: Exploring Natural User Interfaces for Locomotion in Video Games
Brian Williamson, Chadwick Wingrave, Joseph LaViola Jr.

Evaluating Natural Interaction Techniques in Video Games [Technote]
Ryan P. McMahan, Alexander Joel D. Alon, Shaimaa Lazem, Robert J. Beaton, David Machaj, Michael Schaefer, Mara G. Silva, Anamary Leal, Robert Hagan, Doug A. Bowman

Piivert: Percussion-based Interaction for Immersive Virtual Environments [Technote]
Florent Berthaut, Martin Hachet, Myriam Desainte-Catherine  

Alexander Kulik
Poster Fast Forward
12:30-1:30pm Lunch


Doug Bowman

Walking Up and Down in Immersive Virtual Worlds: Novel Interactive Techniques Based on Visual Feedback
Maud Marchal, Anatole Lécuyer, Gabriel Cirio, Laurent Bonnet, Mathieu Emily

Effects of Travel Technique and Gender on a Divided Attention Task in a Virtual Environment
Evan Suma, Samantha Finkelstein, Seth Clark, Paula Goolkasian, Larry Hodges

Virtual Collision Notification [Technote]
Kristopher J. Blom, Steffi Beckhaus  

2:45-4:00pm Posters (+break)

Selection, Manipulation & Control

Sabine Coquillart

Revisiting Path Steering for 3D Manipulation Tasks
Lei Liu, Jean-Bernard Martens, Robert van Liere

An Evaluation of Menu Properties and Pointing Techniques in a Projection-based VR Environment [Technote]
Kaushik Das, Christoph Borst

Audio Haptic Feedbacks in a Task of Targets Acquisition [Technote]
Bob MENELAS, Lorenzo Picinali , Brian F. G. Katz , Patrick Bourdot  


Show On & Show Through

Frank Steinicke

Improving Collaboration in Co-located Interactions with Show-Through Techniques Ferran Argelaguet, André Kunert, Alexander Kulik, Bernd Froehlich

Augmented Foam Sculpting for 3D Model Capture
Michael Marner, Bruce Thomas

Hardware Interfaces

Bernd Froehlich

The Implementation of a Novel Walking Interface within an Immersive Display [Technote]
David Swapp, Julian Williams, Anthony Steed

Contact Sensing and Interaction Techniques for a Distributed, Multimodal Floor Display [Technote]
 Yon Visell, Alvin Law, Severin Smith, Jessica Ip, Rishi Rajalingham, Jeremy Cooperstock    

A Multi-Touch enabled Human-Transporter Metaphor for Virtual 3D Traveling [Technote]
Dimitar Valkov, Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder, Klaus Hinrichs  

10:30-11:00am Break

Manipulating Augmented Reality

Ernst Kruijff

What Do You Do When Two Hands Are Not Enough? Interactive Selection of Bonds Between Pairs of Tangible Molecules
Patrick Maier, Marcus Tönnis, Gudrun Klinker, Alexander Raith, Markus Drees, Fritz Kühn

An Empirical Evaluation of Virtual Hand Techniques for 3D Object Manipulation in a Tangible Augmented Reality Environment
Taejin Ha, Woontack Woo

AR-Mote: A wireless device for Augmented Reality Environment [Technote]
Giandomenico Caruso, Guido Maria Re

12:30-1:30pm Lunch

Multi-Display & Multi-Touch

Robert van Liere

Comparison of Multimodal Interactions in Perspective-corrected Multi-display Environment
Ryo Fukazawa, Kazuki Takashima, Garth Shoemaker, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Yuichi Itoh, Fumio Kishino

Extending the Virtual Trackball Metaphor to Rear Touch Input [Technote]
Sven Kratz, Michael Rohs   

The Design and Evaluation of 3D Positioning Techniques for Multi-touch Displays [Technote]
Anthony Martinet, Géry Casiez, Laurent Grisoni 

Pablo Figueroa
Sébsatien Kuntz
Contest Intro
2:45-4:30pm Contest and demos (+break)


Awards and Closing


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