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Accepted Posters

Real-time DDoS detection based on Complex Event Processing for IoT
A. Cardoso, R. Lopes, A. Teles, F. Magalhães (Federal Institute of Tocantins, Brazil; Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil)

Characterizing Computation In UAV Applications
J. Boubin, S. Zhang, V. Mandadapu, C. Stewart (The Ohio State University, USA)

IoT Platform for Engineering Education and Research(IoT PEER)- Applications in Secure and Smart Manufacturing
T. Guo, D. Khoo, M. Coultis, M. Pazos-Revilla, A. Siraj (Tennessee Technological University, USA)

DeepRT - A Predictable Deep Learning Inference Framework for IoT Devices
W. Kang, D. Kim (Incheon National University, South Korea)

CoCPN-Sim - An Integrated Simulation Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems
M. Jung, F. Rosenthal, M. Zitterbart (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Ensuring Low-Latency and Scalable Data Dissemination for Smart-City Applications
S. Khare, H. Sun, K. Zhang, J. Gascon-Samson, A. Gokhale, X. Koutsoukos (Vanderbilt University, USA; Ecole de technologie supérieure, Canada; University of British Columbia, Canada)

Who's Watching Your Child? Exploring Home Security Risks with Smart Toy Bears
J. Steriff, O. Kenny, S. Das, A. Leeth, D. Camp (Indiana University Bloomington, USA; Bloomington High School North, USA)

Comparison of Classifiers for Prediction of Human Actions in a Smart Home
B. Alhafidh, A. Daood, W. Allen (Florida Institute of Technology, USA)

Good Advice That Just Doesn't Help
A. Dingman, G. Russo, G. Osterholt, T. Uffelman, L. Camp (Indiana University, USA)

Privacy in Blockchain-Enabled IoT Devices
A. Pouraghily, M. Islam, S. Kundu, T. Wolf (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA)

Safety Analysis for UAV Networks
A Jakaria, M. Rahman (Tennessee Technological University, USA)

Preserving IoT Privacy in Sharing Economy via Smart Contract
M. Islam, S. Kundu (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)

Chained of Things: A Secure and Dependable Design of Autonomous Vehicle Services
M. Hasan, A. Datta, M. Rahman (Tennessee Technological University, USA)

Accepted Demos

Smart City: a real-time environmental monitoring system on green roof
Z. Zhihe, W. Jiaheng, F. Chenxu, L. Dawei, L. Bailiang (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China)

Image Storage and Broadcast over BLE with Deep Neural Network Autoencoding
C. Shao, S. Nirjon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Smart Urban Services Platform A Flexible Solution for Smart Cities
K. Lehmann, A. Freymann (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, Germany)

Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Sensing using Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
D. Ma, G. Lan, W. Xu, M. Hassan, W. Hu (University of New South Wales, Austrialia)

Enabling Inter-SNOW Concurrent P2P Communications
M. Rahman, D. Ismail, A. Saifullah (Wayne State University, USA)

Implementing SNOW on Commercial Off-The-Shelf Devices
D. Ismail, M. Rahman, A. Saifullah (Wayne State University, USA)

An Ultra-Low-Power Custom Integrated Circuit based Sound-Source Localization System
D. de Godoy, S. Xia, W. Fernandez, X. Jiang, P. Kinget (Columbia University, USA)