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Company Info

Company Name: Cediti
Company desc: CEDITI's activities focus on main strands :

  • Strategic analysis: definition and implementation of software architectures, needs analysis, definition and coherence control of complex specifications based on the Kaos methodology and used Objectiver tool.
  • E-business: development of all types of e-business applications, Intranet, Extranet, Internet, consultancy and implementation support

We offer consulting and guidance, conduct projects in partnership with customers, cover the full spectrum of solution development and organise seminars and training actions in IT domain.

Contact name: Emmanuelle Delor
Title (if available):
Address: Avenue Georges Lemaitre 21, B-6041 Gosselies, Belgium
Email: Emmanuelle.Delor@cediti.be
Phone: (32)71 25 94 04
Fax: (32)71 37 20 64
URL: www.cediti.be
Conference Attendee1: Husson Roland (CEO)
Conference Attendee2: Darimont Robert (Manager)

Product Info

Name: Objectiver
Short description:
Objectiver is a tool designed by RE practitioners for RE practitioners to help really engineer requirements. The tool relies on KAOS, the goal-driven requirements methodology. It helps industrial projects to succeed by effectively and systematically eliciting the requirements, defining system's agents and artefacts along with their expected behaviours. These elements are gathered, and linked together in a unique coherent model. Objectiver automates authoring process by deriving the requirements documents directly from the model. Objectiver is the new commercial name for GRAIL.

Exhibit Track Information

Name of Presenter: Robert Darimont
Title of Track: Requirements Engineering with Objectiver: From Goal Analysis to Automatically Derived Requirements Document