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Submitting a Technical Paper
Submitting an Industry Track Contribution
Submitting a Workshop Proposal
Submitting a Tutorial Proposal
Submitting a Doctoral Symposium Paper
Submitting a Poster
Submitting a Research Demo
Submitting a Proposal for a Panel Session

If you wish to propose any other forms of participation, please contact the RE'03 chairs at

Submitting a Paper

Submission of papers will be entirely electronic. To submit a paper, please visit the RE'03 paper submission site. You will need to prepare a PDF file containing your paper formatted according to the standard IEEE proceedings format (see Submissions exceeding 10 pages will not be accepted. Each submission must contain an abstract. It must also contain, written below the abstract, an indication of the paper type (``Research'' or ``Experience'').

We also request that you submit an abstract (ASCII text, max. 150 words) one week before the full paper deadline, to help us with allocating reviewers.

Accepted papers must be accompanied by a signed IEEE copyright release form.

  • Deadline for abstract submissions: January 31th, 2003
  • Deadline for full paper submission: 7th February, 2003
  • Notification sent to authors: April 11th, 2003
  • Camera-ready papers received: June 13th, 2003
To help you format your paper, you may need:
  • Author's Guidelines for preparing papers in IEEE proceedings format
  • A page layout template showing the page margins. Available in: MSWord or Postscript or PDF 
  • Full instructions fomatted according the this template. Available in MSWord or Postscript or PDF
  • A set of LaTeX templates: 
    • latex8.sty -- the style file
    • latex8.tex -- the main macro set
    • latex8.bib -- the sample bibliography macros
    • latex8.bst -- the bibliography main macro set
    • -- this file, when printed out, will give you a sample of how your paper should look when it's finished.

Submitting an Industry Track Contribution

Call For Industry Track Contributions

The Industry Track of RE 03 accepts submissions that describe the innovative use of particular techniques, practices, or tools in a practical setting. Submissions may also discuss problems from practice to be dealt with by research, or present a view on desired future directions of requirements engineering.

Submissions must be ONE (1) page only. The submission must not contain abstract nor literature references but can contain a pointer to a web page where more information can be found. The format of the contribution must conform to IEEE instructions (see the submission page of for a pointer to this format).

Accepted submissions will be published in the RE 03 proceedings.

Submission by email to Nader Kameli, at

  • Submission deadline: April 25, 2003
  • Notification of acceptance: May 10, 2003

Submitting a Workshop Proposal

A series of workshops will be held in conjunction with the RE'03 conference to encourage interaction between academia and industry, researchers and practitioners. In general, workshop topics should be in-line with the conference topics. Workshop proposals should clearly state the topic and overall objectives of the workshop; a short curriculum vitae of the proposed organizer(s) should also be included. We are particularly interested in workshop proposals that cover topics that may have controversial viewpoints or are new to the requirements engineering field, where focused dialogue among participants may lead to interesting follow-on research or empirical investigations. Note that the workshops are intended to stimulate and prepare the workshop participants for the main conference in order to promote dialogue among participants before, during, and after the conference.

RE03 Workshop Proposal Guidelines

All workshop proposals should contain the following information. (Template in Word, Latex)

Objective of Workshop:

  • 2-3 sentences about the topic and objectives
  • What are the anticipated outcomes of the workshop (e.g., open research problems to pursue, validation objectives, etc.)
  • Targeted Attendees:

  • what type of background should the workshop attendees have?
  • what mix of industry and research participants is being sought?
  • what is the cap (max number of attendees) for the workshop?
  • is the workshop open to the public or is participation by invitation only?
  • Workshop Paper Format and Evaluation:

  • What type of papers are being solicited for the workshop? (length, position, etc.)
  • What type of evaluation process will be used (who will review the papers, how large will the PC be?)
  • How will the proceedings be published?
  • Workshop format:

    • What will be the format for the workshop? (e.g., paper presentations, breakout sessions, panel-like discussions, combination thereof?)


    1 or 2 day?

    Workshop Proposer(s) background(s):

  • Brief biosketch of proposer

    All proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • relevance to requirements engineering and topics targeted for RE03
  • potential for attracting sufficient number of participants
  • All proposals should be sent (in PDF format) to Prof. Betty H.C. Cheng at

    • Deadline for workshop proposals: 29th March 2003
    • Notification of Acceptance: 11th April2003

    Submitting a Tutorial Proposal

    RE '03 is seeking proposals for full-day (6-hour) and half-day (3-hour) tutorials to be offered on in conjunction with the conference. The tutorial program provides conference participants with the opportunity to explore requirements topics in depth and to gain new insights, knowledge, and skills. Tutorials are particularly effective mechanism for technology transfer and we encourage proposals for tutorials targeted to practitioners seeking to improve their requirements process.

    Tutorial proposals will be evaluated on the basis of anticipated interest and benefit to RE '03 participants. Tutorials may cover any topic of significant interest to participants including:

    • Promising research results in greater depth than can be presented in a paper session.
    • Methods that are ready to transition to pr that are ready to transition to practical application.
    • Methods that have been used in practice and experience reports that can be applied immediately.
    Tutorial proposals should include:
    • Topic (title)
    • Abstract
    • Intended audience,
    • Instructor name(s)
    • Brief bio sketch(es)
    • Proposed length (half day or full day).
    Please indicate whether the proposed tutorial has been given previously, and if so, where, when, and the approximate audience size and background of participants. If given previously, please include a sample of the tutorial material with the proposal. Proposals of 2-3 pages should be submitted electronically in Word or PDF format to Stuart R. Faulk, RE '03 Tutorials Chair, at
    • Deadline for tutorial submissions: 29th March 2003
    • Notification of Acceptance: 11th April 2003

    Submitting a Doctoral Symposium Paper

    The RE'03 Doctoral Symposium is intended to bring together PhD students working on foundations, techniques, tools and applications to requirements engineering and give them the opportunity to present and discuss their researcto present and discuss their research in a constructive and international atmosphere. The goals of the symposium are:

    • To provide a setting for mutual feedback on participants' current research, and guidance on future research directions,
    • To develop a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research,
    • To provide an opportunity for student participants to interact with established researchers and others in the wider requirements engineering community.
    The RE '03 Doctoral Symposium is a one-day workshop to be held immediately preceding the main conference. Selected students will present their work and receive constructive feedback from a panel of advisors and other Doctoral Symposium students. Besides scientific matters, the students will also have the opportunity to seek advice on various aspects of completing a PhD and performing research as a young professional in requirements engineering.

    Student participants should consider participating in the doctoral workshop at least six months before completion of their dissertation, but after having settled on a research area or thesis topic.

    The Proceedings of the RE'03 Doctoral Symposium will be published as an adjunct to the Proceedings.

    Review process: Each prospective student participant will submit a package of materials for considerakage of materials for consideration. The participants will be selected on the basis of their anticipated contribution to the symposium goals as well as the potential benefit to the students. Among the criteria that will be considered in reviewing submissions are:

    • The potential quality of the research and its relevance to requirements engineering;
    • The stage of the research (the organizers will seek to select students across a range of research stages);
    • The diversity of background, research topic, and approach.
    Submissions: To apply as a student participant in the Doctoral Symposium, prepare a submission package consisting of three parts listed below. Each of these parts must be submitted electronically by the listed deadlines.
    1. General Information should include:
      1. name of student, Univ. and department, full mailing address, telephone, fax, email address;
      2. name of thesis advisor, Univ. and department, full mailing address, telephone, fax, email address;
      3. brief description of research topic (25 words or less)
    2. Research Abstract: Submit an abstract describing your dissertation research. Your abstract should be at least 3 pages, but not more than 5 pages long, when prepared according to the format guidelines below. The content and structure is up to you!
    3. Le and structure is up to you!
    4. Letter of Recommendation: Ask your thesis advisor to submit a letter of recommendation to The letter of recommendation must include an assessment of the current status of your thesis research and an expected date for thesis submission.
    Submission Format: The general information packet and letter of recommendation should be plain ASCII text with no markup. Research abstracts must be submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) (with all fonts included). Each research abstract must be a single file with the last name of the author as its name (e.g., smith.pdf). Typeset abstracts should be set in 12 point type with 1 inch margins on all sides for 8.5 by 11 inch sized paper. Please submit electronically to the RE'03 Doctoral Symposium Chair, Prof. Mats Heimdahl, at

    Ground Rules: All submitted materials must be in English. All materials must be submitted electronically in the formats listed above. Your submission should contain no proprietary or confidential material and should cite no proprietary or confidential publications. Advisors of student presenters will not be allowed to attend their student's presentations.

    • Doctoral symposium submission deadline: 29th March 2003
    • Notification of Acceptance: 11th April 2003

    Submitting a Poster

    RE'03 invites submission of high-quality posters describing novel research or experience in Requirements Engineering. The Poster programme complements the main programme by offering an opportunity for authors to present late-breaking or as-yet incomplete research results, or significant work-in-progress.

    Poster authors are required to submit a two-page proposal summarizing the work and the results. Poster proposals will be judged on relevance, originality and significance. The proposal should describe the substance of the work, not how it will physically or visually appear in the poster format. It may include a small number of references, and even a figure or two. It is advisable to include an email address and a URL leading to more information about the work. Accepted proposals will be given poster space in an exhibit area during the conference. At least one author must register for the conference. There will be designated hours during which the author(s) are expected to be at their posters to present their work. Posters will be on display during the conference in a poster room. Additionally, there will be a poster presentation track, where each poster will be presented before an audience. Posters will be published in the RE 03 proceedings (2 pages per poster).

    Submissions of the poster proposal should be in PDF format (no more than 2 pages). Please send submissions by email attachment to Didar Zowghi, RE'03 Poster and Research Demo Chair, at

    • Deadline for poster submissions: 26th April 2003
    • Notification of Acceptance: 10th May

    Submitting a Research Demo

    RE'03 invites submissions of high quality research demonstrations presenting recent research results or supporting tools, techniques or methods of Requirements Engineering.

    A one-page proposal describing the demo is required. Demo proposals will be judged primarily on relevance. Accepted proposals will be given display space in an exhibit area during the symposium. Additionally, there will be a session in which each demo will be presented before an audience. Demos will be published in the RE 03 proceedings (1 page per demo). At least one person must register for the conference for each demo.

    Submissions of the research demo proposal should be in PDF format (no more than 1 page). Please send submissions by email attachment to Didar Zowghi, RE'03 Poster and Research Demo Chair, at

    • Research demo submission deadline: 26th April 2003
    • Notification of Acceptance: 10th May

    Submitting a Proposal for a Panel Session

    If you have ideas for topics and speakers that would make lively and informative panel session, please contact Roel Wieringa, RE'03 Program Chair, at



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