VL'96: 1996 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages
Theme: Visual Languages and Innovation
September 3-6, 1996
Boulder, Colorado


Update and Second Call for Papers

VL'96 is the premier international conference on visual and multimedia computer languages. This year, the theme will be "Visual Languages and Innovation." We are very interested in innovative aspects of visual and multimedia languages and how they affect their users -- whether these users are professional programmers, end-users, or children.

About the conference

The conference is designed to encourage discussion among people working in the many different aspects aspects of this area. Visual language developers and researchers, HCI specialists, visualization researchers, end-user programming language designers, and multimedia researchers are all invited to join us in exchanging ideas and knowledge from many different points of view. This year the conference will include a number of special features:

Please join us in contributing to this event

Original papers, demonstrations, tutorials, and posters are invited in every area of such languages. Papers may address any aspect, including language design, implementation strategies, theoretical issues, usability, and practicality in the real world. We are especially interested in how this work adds new insights into how to build innovative languages: how does a particular feature provide greater support for some task than has been accomplished before? Who does this feature help, why, and how do we know? How is it different from other approaches? What is needed to make even more gains?

Sample topics include (but are not limited to):


The deadlines for paper and poster submissions is Feb. 12. Tutorials and other events have different deadlines (see the web page for details).

More information

Please see our web page for more information on our keynoters, the special events, how to submit tutorial proposals and demo proposals, how to be a part of the Child's Play event, how to participate in the LegoBrick Challenge, the lovely conference hotel in downtown Boulder, and more. Information is updated regularly, so if you haven't seen it lately, there's lots new to see. The URL is:


Also, feel free to direct questions to either of the two Program Co-Chairs: Margaret Burnett (burnett@cs.orst.edu), and Wayne Citrin (citrin@cs.colorado.edu).

Steering Committee:   Allen Ambler, University of Kansas, USA
                      Shi-Kuo Chang, University of Pittsburgh, USA
                      Tadao Ichikawa, University of Hiroshima, Japan
                      Erland Jungert, Swedish Defence Research Estab., Sweden
                      Robert Korfhage, University of Pittsburgh, USA
                      Stefano Levialdi, University of Rome, Italy
                      Steven Tanimoto, University of Washington, USA

General Chair:        H.-J. Hoffmann, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany

Program Co-Chairs:    Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA
                      Wayne Citrin, University of Colorado, USA

Tutorials Chair:      Trevor Smedley, Tech. University of Nova Scotia, Canada
Special Events Chair: John Stasko, Georgia Tech, USA

Program Committee:

Meera Blattner, University of California, Davis, USA
Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University, USA
Wayne Citrin, University of Colorado, USA
Isabel Cruz, Tufts University, USA
Alberto Del Bimbo, Firenza University, Italy
Stephen Eick, AT&T Bell Labs, USA
Ephraim Glinert, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, USA
Thomas Green, MRC Applied Psychology, UK
Volker Haarslev, University of Hamburg, Germany
Masahito Hirakawa, University of Hiroshima, Japan
John Hosking, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dan Kimura, Washington University, USA
Clayton Lewis, University of Colorado, USA
Henry Lieberman, MIT Media Lab, USA
Kim Marriott, Monash University, Australia
Satoshi Matsuoka, University of Tokyo, Japan
Piero Mussio, University of Roma, Italy
Marc Najork, DEC Systems Research Center, USA
Joe Pfeiffer, New Mexico State University, USA
Alex Repenning, University of Colorado, USA
Trevor Smedley, Tech. University of Nova Scotia, Canada
David Canfield Smith, Apple Advanced Technology Lab, USA
John Stasko, Georgia Tech, USA
Genoveffa Tortora, University of Salerno, Italy
Kang Zhang, Macquarie University, Australia

   and the members of the Steering Committee


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