Visa Assistance Information

Conference delegates from some countries may need a visa issued by a Canadian Embassy or Consulate to enter Canada. Please consult Canadian Visa Information link for all related information.
Whilst it is the responsibility of all WiMob 2010 delegates themselves to arrange for their visa applications and provide all the necessary documentation to their respective Canadian embassy or consulate, WiMob 2010 organizers would be happy to provide an official letter of confirmation of participation to conference delegates that may facilitate their visa applications.
Please note that an official letter of confirmation of participation is supplied solely to confirm registration or participation in the conference and to assist you with your visa application. It does not guarantee that the visa will be issued which is at the discretion of the Embassy or the Consulate.

For information relating to visas for travel purposes we recommend you contact your Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

If you need an official letter of confirmation of participation from the conference, please complete the following information and send it to the conference general co-chair: Ali Miri at . Please note that the letter can only be sent to you AFTER you have registered for the conference and uploaded the camera ready version of your paper (if applicable). The letter will only state the information above, and that you are responsible for all your travel costs and any other conditions that the Canadian Embassy or Consulate may require.

  • Name:
  • Affiliations:
  • Email address:
  • Are you an IEEE Member? If yes, please state your IEEE Member Number.
  • Are you a speaker/presenter? If yes, please state your EDAS paper id number.
The most expedited form for us to send you the letter is by email. However, we can also send you the letter by fax or by mail. If so, please provide us with the following additional information:
  • Street:
  • City:
  • State/Province:
  • Postal Code
  • Country:
  • Fax number, including all the relevant area codes:
Please indicate whether you would like the letter faxed or mailed to you. International mail can take several weeks to reach you.