Bioinformatics Data Structures – Framework and Overview

IEEE Project # P 1953: First Draft
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Date of Proposal: Oct 11, 2004

Submitting Organization: BSC Bioinformatics Data Structures Framework under IEEE P 1953 Working Group

Point of Contact: Betty Cheng, Official P1953 recorder, < >

Objectives: The objectives are to provide a standard reference system for information on Bioinformatics data structures that can be used to help support exchange and comparison of biological data sets in the life sciences disciplines.

P 1953, the proposed framework, will provide a consistent reference system or database framework for maintaining and representing dynamic biological information. This information can then be used as needed as a consistent reference source for aiding in the discovery, comparison, exchange, and integration of bioinformatics data sets throughout the community. The IEEE successful mechanisms for announcing, incorporating and tracking changes will be used in all P1953 projects.

The IEEE-1953 Standard enumerates the various sub-domains of Bioinformatics for which detailed standards may be developed.

1953.0000 – Bioinformatics Structures
1953.1000 – Nomenclature & Taxonomy across several domains of biology
1953.2000 – Data Bases
1953.2100 – Genomics
1953.2200 – Proteomics
1953.2300 – Structural Proteomics
1953.2400 – Transcriptomes
1953.2500 – Gene Ontology (GO)
1953.2600 –Structure Onlotogy (SO)
1953.3000 – Biological Pathways
1953.4000 – Pharmagemonics Knowledge Base
1953.4100 – clinical outcome
1953.4200 – pharmacodynamics and drug responses
1953.4300 – pharmacokenetics
1953.4400 – molecular and cellular functional assays
1953.4500 – genotype
1953.5000 – Drug Discovery
1953.6000 – Medical Bioinformatics
1953.6100 – Foundational Model of Anatomy –a reference ontology in biomedical informatics.
1953.7000 – Forensic Bioinformatics
1953.9000 – Agriculture and Plant Bioinformatics

Each section such as 1953.XXXX may have benchmarks and or validation suites

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