2005 Local Travel Information

The information on this page is current as of August 1, 2005.

This page is primarily designed for attendees who will not have automobiles available for travel between their hotels and the conference site.

Parking   There is a separate map giving directions to free parking for the conference. Conference parking is on an UNPAVED lot at Galvez Field. There will be signs posted on A-frames at the side of the road at the most commonly used entrances to campus from El Camino Real. During the summer, Stanford continues to enforce its parking regulations; if you park at locations other than Galvez Field, you must either obtain suitable permits from Stanford, or you will be ticketed.

Walking and bicycling  It is a reasonably pleasant 20-30 minute walk from the Westin / Sheraton to Memorial Auditorium, or from the Serra Street / El Camino Road entrance to campus to Memorial Auditorium. Bicycling in and around campus is also reasonably popular.

General Observations about the Marguerite  Stanford offers a free shuttle, called the Marguerite, which provides transportation around campus from 6 am to 8:30 pm. No identification is needed; simply wait at a marked bus stop and board the “Marguerite” bus when it arrives. There is a Marguerite stop in front of Memorial Auditorium (the main conference site), which is served by Marguerite routes A, C and the SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator) shuttle services.

Route A originates at the Palo Alto Caltrain station, on the campus side of the station (near the San Jose bound trains), behind the Sheraton and Westin hotel parking lots. Note that the Marguerites leave from a bus stop at the “south” end of the station, next to the San Jose bound train platform.

The other major Marguerite route, Route B, also begins at the Palo Alto train station, and serves a stop at the corner of Serra Street and Galvez Street which is about a block from Memorial Auditorium. Originating at the train station, the Route B Clockwise service will give a more direct route to this stop than the Counterclockwise service, which will give you a tour of the Stanford Medical Center campus on the way to this part of campus. The B-route also serves the area of campus in which on-campus residents are being housed.

A complete map of the Marguerite system may be found on the Stanford site at:

The current schedule, which changed on August 1, 2005, is available at:

The Westin, Sheraton and Hotels in Downtown Palo Alto
The Cardinal Hotel is about 3 blocks from the Palo Alto Caltrain Station. It is recommended that you walk to the station, cross under the tracks at University Avenue, then walk up the ramp to the San Jose-bound trains to catch the Marguerite A-line shuttle to Memorial Auditorium.

Guests at the Westin and/or Sheraton can walk to the back of the parking areas (e.g. closest to the train tracks) to get to the departure area for the Marguerite busses.

As noted above, the Marguerite lines A and B both depart from the Palo Alto Caltrain station, directly behind the Westin and Sheraton hotels and provide service to the area of Memorial Auditorium.

Public transit from hotels near California Avenue and El Camino  This includes the Hotel California, Coronet Motel and Stanford Terrace Inn, as well as the Stanford Motor Inn, Super8, National9 and the Palo Alto Travelodge.

From any of these hotels it is a short walk to the corner of El Camino Real and California Avenue. The Marguerite A route stops in front of Quizno’s Sandwiches and provides frequent, free service directly to Memorial Auditorium.

SLAC Guest House  There is a special Marguerite service from the SLAC area to the rest of campus which runs approximately every 40 minutes. This shuttle terminal is at Hoover Tower, directly across from Memorial Auditorium. The schedule for this service may be found at: http://transportation.stanford.edu/marguerite/schedules/05-06_SLAC.htm

On-campus Student Housing  For 2005, those choosing on-campus housing are being housed in the vicinity of Campus Drive East and Mayfield Avenue. Check in is at the Florence Moore Service Center at 436 Mayfield Avenue. The actual residence that you will be in is approximately 10-15 minutes walk from Memorial Auditorium area, and is also served by the B-route Marguerite Service. (Take B-route counter-clockwise to go from dorms to Memorial Auditorium, and Clockwise to go from Train Station or Memorial Auditorium to the dorms area).

Public transit from other hotels on El Camino Real in Palo Alto   This includes Dinah’s, Oak Motel, Cabana (Crown Plaza), Creekside Inn, Marriott Courtyard and Residence Inn, as well as places we didn’t explicitly recommend to you, such as Days Inn, Howard Johnson’s Express, Glass Slipper Inn, Quality Inn Palo Alto, Mayflower Garden, Shangri-La, and Townhouse Inn. (Hyatt Rickeys has closed, and is slated for demolition soon).

There is frequent service by the Valley Transit Authority (VTA) bus #22, which stops at marked stops approximately every 2 blocks along El Camino Real. From the named hotels, take the #22 in the direction towards “Palo Alto Train Station” or “Menlo Park”. Bus stops in this direction are on the same side of the street as Dinah’s, Glass Slipper and Travelodge. To board a VTA bus, you must have $1.75 exact fare (or $2 and expect no change), payable upon entrance to the bus. Ride the bus to California Avenue (Radio Shack / Quiznos on the corner, one stop past Page Mill Road) or to the Palo Alto train station. From either of these locations, catch the free Stanford Marguerite bus, Route A, and get off in front of Memorial Auditorium. At California and El Camino, the Marguerite stops on California Street, in front of Quiznos. At the main Palo Alto Caltrain station, the Marguerite stop is at the South end of the San Jose-bound train platform.

Dinah’s is not an official CSB hotel this year, and is not providing any special shuttle services.




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