2005 Mineta San Jose International Airport
to Stanford Area Transportation

Information on this page is current as of August 1, 2005.

Even if you’ve made this trip many times, please note that there has been a significant amount of construction going on, particularly involving the immediate access roads to the airport, so do not be surprised by delays and new turns or traffic patterns.

Rental Cars  All of the on-airport rental cars are available at a remote part of the airport (a “convenient central location” in airport-speak); after collecting your luggage, you must take a shuttle bus to the rental car center. {IEEE Travel offers special discounts with some rental agencies if you will be renting a car for your visit to this area}. Normal non-rush hour driving time from SJC Airport to Palo Alto is approximately 35 minutes.

Taxi  Direct taxi fare from San Jose Airport to the Stanford area is approximately $50 plus tip. This is a good value if you can share a taxicab with another participant.

Shuttle Van   South & East Bay Shuttle (1-800-548-4664) and a number of competitors offer door-to-door service in shared vans. A one-way trip on South & East Bay Shuttle is $29 for the first person and $7 for each additional person to the same destination. While the van is likely to make several stops on the way, generally the shared shuttle van represents the best compromise between cost and travel time expended. Reservations are not required when originating at the airport.

Bus Service  Santa Clara Valley Transit (www.vta.org) operates a free shuttle bus, route 10, from the airport to the Caltrain station in Santa Clara. The VTA route #22 provides local service on El Camino Real; as it stops every two blocks or so, it will take considerably longer than most other transportation modes, and the local busses (unlike the #10 shuttle bus) are not designed for carrying luggage. One way fare is $1.75, no change provided; an all-day unlimited pass is also available. Service is provided according to a schedule (available at http://www.vta.org).

Caltrain & VTA  The VTA route 10 is a free shuttle bus connecting both airport terminals with the Santa Clara Caltrain station. Caltrain’s service runs on a schedule (every 30 minutes during the weekday, and once per hour during the evening, but notice that the last northbound train is fairly early); service on Saturday and Sunday is only once per hour. The full schedules are available at: http://www.caltrain.org/timetable_effective_8_1_05.html. San Francisco bound Caltrain serves stations at “California Avenue” (near the Hotel California, Coronet Motor Lodge, National9 and Travelodge), and “Palo Alto” (the station adjoins the Westin/Sheraton parking lots, and is three blocks from the Cardinal Hotel, and is also the origin of shuttle busses to the Stanford campus). The train portion of this journey will take about 35 minutes, and will cost $3.50. (Purchase a ticket from zone 4 to zone 3 from vending machines at the station before boarding the train). Note that there is not a taxi stand at the train station. Both Caltrain stations are also served by Stanford University’s free Marguerite Bus Service. Because of current construction, it is reasonably difficult to transfer from Caltrain to VTA at Palo Alto station (you will need to walk a couple of blocks). The VTA transit center at Palo Alto is being re-built and has not yet been completed.




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