Volunteer Information

CSB 2005 Conference Volunteers Needed - willing to trade effort for free conference sessions...

Volunteer at the CSB conference and be part of our commitment to excellence. If you're a full-time college undergraduate, graduate student or a postdoc and are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form (in ms word format) or form (in html format) and send it to volunteer@csbcon.org.

Details and further information:

We'll review your volunteer registration and contact you once a decision is made.  All accepted volunteers need to help out for the pre-conference setup on August 7th, 2005; it is also a way to introduce yourself to the CSB staff and get a quick orientation.

Please select the time slots you would like to volunteer. All tasks for the volunteers are fairly easy and require no physical heavy lifting of any sort. If you have any preferred tasks, please specify and we'll try to accommodate your preferences. As a token of gratitude for your volunteering, volunteers can attend a half day of conference free for every half day of volunteering. If you are interested in attending any free conference sessions, please specify which time slots you would like to attend at the conference so that special arrangements can be made for you. Please note that the workshops on Aug 12th are satellite events sponsored by the Life Sciences Society which are separate from the CSB conference.