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Final Version: 30-July-2012
Conference: 09-Sept-2012


You can download the Program Guide here: ProgramGuide.pdf

September 8, 2012 (Saturday)
17:00-20:00 Registration

September 9, 2012 (Sunday)
07:00-07:45 Registration
07:45 Shuttle Bus: Hotel --> Conference Venue
08:40-09:15 Opening remarks
09:15- 10:00 Keynote I
The Future of E-commerce
Ming Zeng, Chief Strategy Officer, Alibaba Group
10:00-10:30 Group photo
10:30-11:15 Keynote II
Business Informatics: Research that matters!
Christian Huemer, TU Vienna
11:15-12:00 Keynote III
E-Gold? An Overview of Technology used at London 2012
Anne James, Coventry University, UK
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Small is Beautiful, the Power of Netrepreneurs
Top 10 Global Netrepreneurs of 2012
14:30-15:30 Exploring the Path of E-commerce
E-commerce service providers
15:30-16:30 The Establishment and Growth of Brands
16:30-17:15 The Business Ecosystem of the Internet Age
Savio KWAN, Independent Non-executive Director, Alibaba Group
17:17-17:45 Closing Remarks
Jack MA, Chairman and CEO, Alibaba Group
18:00 Shuttle Bus: Conference Venue --> Hotel
19:00 Welcome Dinner

September 10, 2012 (Monday)
08:30-10:20 Session CEC-01: Business Informatics
Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin
Room 5
Industrial Track 1: Business Architecture
Chair: Erik Proper
Room 6
10:20-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-12:30 Session CEC-02: Reputation and Trust
Chair: Birgit Hofreiter
Room 5
Industrial Track 2: Information Architecture
Chair: Guang-Jie Ren
Room 6
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:50 Session CEC-03: BI Architecture
Chair: Christian Huemer
Room 5
Session CEC-05: SEMP 2012
Chair: Akihiko Nagai
Room 6
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
16:10-17:05 Session CEC-04: User networks
Chair: Weiran Nie
Room 5
Session CEC-06: UCIA 2012
Chair: Yung-Cheol Byun
Room 6
17:05-18:00 Session CEC-07: STIIS 2012
Chair: Kiyota Hashimoto
Room 5
Continuation of Session CEC-06: UCIA 2012
Chair: Yung-Cheol Byun
Room 6
18:00 Banquet

September 11, 2012 (Tuesday)
08:45 Shuttle Bus: Hotel --> Alibaba Group
09:30-10:30 Visiting Headquarter of Alibaba Group
10:30-11:30 Group Discussion
11:30-13:00 Lunch
13:15 Shuttle Bus: Alibaba Group --> Hotel

September 9, 2011 (Sunday)
Opening Remarks (08:40-09:15)
  • Deren Chen
  • Chairman of 2012 International Joint Conference on E-Business, Zhejiang University
  • Zhaohui Wu
  • Vice president of Zhejiang University
  • Jen-Yao Chung
  • Chairman of ICEBE 2012, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
  • Kwei-Jay Lin
  • Chairman of CEC 2012, University of California, Irvine
The Establishment and Growth of Brands (15:30-16:30)
  • Host
  • THOMAS FRIEDMAN: Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, author of "The World is Flat"
  • Panel Guests
  • FRANK LAVIN: Export Now, Global CEO of Export Now and former US Under Secretary of Commerce
    MIKE ELLIS: President and Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, MPAA
    JACK CHANG: Chairman, Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) & Senior Intellectual Property Counsel for General Electric Asia
    International brand representative
    Chinese brand representative

September 10, 2012 (Monday)
Session CEC-01: Business Informatics (08:30-10:20)
  • REA-DSL: Business Model Driven Data-Engineering
  • Dieter Mayrhofer and Christian Huemer
  • From Encoded EDIFACT Messages to Business Concepts Using Semantic Annotations
  • Robert Engel, Christian Pichler, Marco Zapletal, Worarat Krathu and Hannes Werthner
  • Differences in Efficiency between B2Bs and B2Cs in the Japanese IT Services Industry
  • Hiroshi Sasaki
  • Serendipitous Exploration of Large-scale Product Catalogs
  • Marc von Wyl, Birgit Hofreiter and Stephane Marchand-Maillet
Industrial Track 1: Business Architecture (08:30-10:20)
  • Business value of enterprise architecture
  • Raymond Slot
  • On the use of GEA at the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
  • Roel Wagter, Erik Proper and Dirk Witte
  • Business Architecture for Banking - as described by four scenarios
  • Jorge Sanz
Session CEC-02: Reputation and Trust (10:40-12:30)
  • Behavioral Analysis of Registered Web Site Visitors with Help of Mouse Tracking
  • Clemens Schefels, Sven Eschenberg and Christian Schöneberger
  • Bootstrapping Trust and Reputation for Web Services
  • Hien Trang Nguyen, Jian Yang and Weiliang Zhao
  • The Moderating Effect of Legitimacy and Reputation on SMEs in a B2B Environment
  • Guangyin Jia, Yigang Li, Kai Wang, Jianhua Sun and Kai Li
  • Context Aware Reputation Management for Service Composition and Reconfiguration
  • Jinhwan Lee, Jing Zhang, Zhenqiu Huang and Kwei-Jay Lin
Industrial Track 2: Information Architecture (10:40-12:30)
  • Business process and data interoperability
  • Georg Grossman
  • Identifying Information Assets for Open Data
  • Guang-Jie Ren and Susanne Glissmann
Session CEC-03: BI Architectue (14:00-15:50)
  • Context-Aware Proactive Process Reconfiguration in Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Jing Zhang, Jinhwan Lee and Kwei-Jay Lin
  • A Generic Architecture for User-Centric Portlet Integration
  • Oliver Gmelch and Günther Pernul
  • Enterprise Architecture: A strategic specialism
  • Roel Wagter, Erik Proper and Dirk Witte
  • The Effects of ICT Innovation and Industry Regulation on Chinese Travel Website's Marketing Logic
  • Yi Zhang and Li-Mei Zhang
Session CEC-05: SEMP 2012 (14:00-15:50)
  • Mobile Commerce Trust Model and Its Application for Third Party Trust Service Platform
  • Chunhui Piao, Shuzhen Wang and Jie Wen
  • Analyzing Effect of OpenStreetMap for Crisis
  • Yuma Imi, Tomomichi Hayakawa and Takayuki Ito
  • An Analysis on the Quality of Data in OpenStreetMap
  • Tomomichi Hayakawa, Yuma Imi and Takayuki Ito
  • Proposal of Business Network Structure Visualization Tool
  • Akihiko Nagai and Takayuki Ito
  • A Teaching Method based on Learning Network
  • Shun Okuhara, Takanobu Otsuka, Takuya Yoshimura, Raiye Hail and Takayuki Ito
Session CEC-04: User Networks (16:10-17:05)
  • Equilibrium Selection under Limited Control - An Experiment on Network Hawk Dove Games
  • Siegfried Berninghaus, Stephan Schosser and Bodo Vogt
  • Social network characteristics of online shopping interpersonal relationship in real and virtual communities
  • Chong Zhang
Session CEC-06: UCIA 2012 (16:10-18:00)
  • A Rule-based Parallel Processing to Speed Up an Application
  • Jo Ryan Basco, Bobby D. Gerardo, Cyreneo Dofitas Jr., Yung-Cheol Byun, Bartolome Tanguilig III
  • An Optimization of FMM under CPU+GPU Heterogeneous Architecture
  • Yonghua Zhu
  • Modeling and Simulation for Dynamic Services Compositon of LBS Based on TCPN
  • Weimin Li, Xiaohua Zhao, Mingjun Xin
  • An Unified Logical Device Model for Devices Integration
  • Xiaoli Zhi, Weiqin Tong
Session CEC-07: STIIS 2012 (17:05-18:00)
  • Micro-film Marketing of Chinese Tourism Destinations via Social Media:The Case of Shaoxing
  • Jun Shao, Xiong Li, Zhao Li
  • Extraction of Hints and Advices for Improvement of Small Hotels Management from Hotel Reviews
  • Sachio Hirokawa, Makoto Okada, Kiyota Hashimoto
  • Extraction of Feature Words with the Same Generality Level as Query using Restricted Bootstrapping
  • Jun Zeng, Toshihiko Sakai, Brendan Flanagan, Sachio Hirokawa
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