Timothy B. Bentley

Dr. Timothy B. Bentley joined ONR in June, 2010 where he is now the Deputy Lead for Force Health Protection in The Warfighter Protection Department (Code 34). Dr. Bentley attended Cornell University (B.S.) and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami (M.S., Ph.D.) where he received training in comparative physiology and marine biology. He continued with postdoctoral training at the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine in Goettingen, Germany and at the Medical College of Virginia, in Richmond, VA. Dr. Bentley then joined the Naval Medical Research Institute (now NMRC) where his research focused on improving the care of combat casualties with a focus on his interest in the transport of oxygen to tissues. Moving to Walter Reed Army Institute of Research he continued to work in the area of combat casualty care focusing on improved understanding of battlefield resuscitation strategies for severe hemorrhage. The research contributed to a new doctrine for the field emphasizing hpotensive resuscitation with colloidal fluids. His work also resulted in several medical devices that were subsequently commercialized as well as the first modern tourniquet which was fielded by the Army at the start of operations in Afghanistan. Dr. Bentley also worked in the area of blast induced traumatic brain injury (TBI) investigating the mechanism of injury and the influence of polytrauma on TBI. Since joining Code 34 at ONR he has expanded the medical research portfolio ranging from basic research to advanced product development across the spectrum of deployed force health protection. Topics of interest include research into mechanisms, models and mitigation of TBI, automated en route patient care, wound care, PTSD, resuscitation and other Force Health Protection topics..

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