First International Workshop on Communication Optimizations in HPC

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

18 November 2016

Papers By Session

Technical Papers
Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation Protocol (SHArP): A Hardware Architecture for Efficient Data Reduction
Extending a Message Passing Runtime to Support Partitioned, Global Logical Address Spaces
Topology-Aware Performance Optimization and Modeling of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Codes for Exascale
Efficient Reliability Support for Hardware Multicast-Based Broadcast in GPU-enabled Streaming Applications
Network Topologies and Inevitable Contention
DISP: Optimizations towards Scalable MPI Startup
Topology and Affinity Aware Hierarchical and Distributed Load-Balancing in Charm++
Topology-Aware Data Aggregation for Intensive I/O on Large-Scale Supercomputers