Complete and fax the form on the following page to Austropa Interconvention first, and then mail it with payment or use bank transfer for the full amount to Austropa Interconvention. You can use your major credit cards for guaranteeing the payment. Note: reservations are not guaranteed after July 15, 1998. Austropa Interconvention
Wahringerstr.6-8, A-1090, Vienna, Austria
Telephone: 43-1-31 680 13, Fax: 43-1-31 55 650

Last Name: ____________________, First Name: ________________________


Mailing address (for mailing hotel confirmation, etc.)




City__________________, State or Province_____________________________

Postal zip code: ______________ ,Country______________________________

Telephone: ___________________, Fax:________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________


Hotel Accommodation:

All room rates are in ATS (Austrian Schilling) per room per night, including breakfast, service and taxes. All hotels are located within walking distance or short subway ride to the conference site.

Hotel Choices (must enter three choices, using hotel code)

First Choice: _____, Second Choice: ____, Third Choice: ____.

(check one) double_______, or single ______.

Date of arrival__________________, Date of departure____________________

Deposit: The highest room rate among all your choices of hotels ATS ________

Sight-Seeing Tours: T1______, T2______, T3______, T4________, T5 ______

Total for tours: ATS___________________

Check here if you want a copy of cultural program (available on July 15, 1998) ____

Payment: The total of hotel deposit and tours ATS__________________

Payment can be made by Euro-cheque (Place of issue: Vienna, in ATS) or by bank transfer "free of charge" to the recipient to the Austropa Interconvention's account No: 0035/14775/00 at the Creditanstalt Bankverein in Vienna, bank code 11000. Include the participant's name and "COMPSAC 98" as reference.

The amount of ATS _______________________ is paid (check one)

____Check, _____Bank transfer on _____________________________,


or use my credit card (check one) ____Visa, ____MasterCard, ____Eurocard, ____Amexco, ____Diners as guarantee for hotel and tour reservations.


Card number ___________________________________________________

Exp. Date:_______________________

Name on the card: __________________________________________________




Austropa Interconvention acts as an agent and cannot be held responsible for any loss, injurty or damage to any person or property, whatever the cause may be. The liability of persons and entgerpricses providing means of transportation or other services, however, remains unaffected. The customer takes part in all tours and trips at his/her own risk. Only written arrangements are binding. Sole venue is Vienna. Your signature is needed to authorize Autrotropa Interconvention to use the data given in this form for a computerized handling of COMPSAC 98.


Signature: _________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________