PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR 3       Friday, October 12, 2001       9:00-12:30

Essential Software Measurement and Assessment Methodology:
Technical and Legal Issues of Software Evaluation
for Acceptance Testing and Certification

Hans-Ludwig Hausen
German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD)


The overall aim of the professional development seminar is to make the attendees familiar with the methods and principles of software measurement and assessment for procedural, object-oriented and agent-based systems. Attendees will exercise proven techniques for goal directed validation, verification, testing, measurement, scaling and assessment as part of an industry proven, standardized procedure for concurrent software quality assurance and final evaluation for certification. The set of quality issues addressed in the PDS comprise: performance, efficiency, reliability, functionality, usability, maintainability, integrity, privacy, safety, security, as well as quality of service. In addition to the technical topics, legal issues are discussed with respect to their interface to the technical process. Finally an overview will be provided discussing the national and international standards for software assessment and certification such as ISO14598, ISO12119, as well as the process standards SPICE, CMM, Euromethod, or VM.

The level of the PDS will be intermediate. Emphasis will be given to selected advanced topics depending on the requirements and needs of participants.


Attendees should be familiar with software quality assurance techniques, such as inspection, testing, verification or validation. A basic knowledge in math and some knowledge on software methods and tools might be helpful for a participant to actively participate in the Professional Development Seminar. Software designers, managers and quality assurance staff and managers will benefit most from the PDS.


Position: Principal Scientist (Senior Researcher, Project Manager), German National Research Center for Information Technology (GMD), Germany

Experience: 17 years as project manager, consultant, advisor and lecturer on

  • computer aided software engineering
  • software quality assurance
  • software process modeling and tailoring
on more than 10 large software engineering projects for governments and industry.

Publications: About 60 papers and 3 books on

  • software engineering environments
  • software quality and productivity
  • information storage and retrieval
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