30th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference

Chicago, September 17-21, 2OO6

The Third International Workshop on Quality Assurance and Testing Web-Based Applications (QATWBA'06)

The Third International Workshop on Quality Assurance and Testing Web-Based
Applications (QATWBA'06)

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Prof. Hong Zhu
D epartment of Computing, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, OX33 1HX, UK

Prof. David Kung
University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA,


The general theme of the workshop series is on the quality assurance and testing web-based applications. This year's workshop will focus on web services applications to explore the quality issues such as their quality attributes and quality models, the quality assurance techniques and methodologies suitable to the development of web services application systems, especially the testing methods, techniques and tools, etc.

The Internet is rapidly expanding into all sectors of our society. Web-based applications are complex, heterogeneous, distributed, multiplatform, multilingual, multimedia, autonomous, cooperative, ever evolving and rapidly updated software systems. Testing and maintaining web-based applications are a nightmare. Traditional quality models, testing methods and tools are not adequate for web-based applications because they do not address problems associated with the new features of web-based applications. At present, web-based applications testing and maintenance are still an unexplored area and rely on ad hoc testing processes. Little has been reported on quality assurance and systematic testing methods and techniques for webbased applications.

The workshop aims at providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and tools vendors to exchange ideas, research results, practical experiences and lessons learned on quality assurance and testing of web-based applications. The first and the second workshops (QATWBA'04 and QATWBA'05) in this series were successfully held at COMPSAC'04 in Hong Kong on September 30, 2004 and at COMPSAC'05 in Edinburgh on July 26, 2005, respectively. A special journal issue of revised and extended versions of the best selected papers presented at the first second QATWBA workshops are now in the process of editing and will be published in the journal of Information and Software Technology in spring 2006. We propose to hold this third workshop again in conjunction with COMPSAC'06 in Chicago. We have noticed that this year COMPSAC will be collocated with ICWS 2006 and SCC 2006. Hence, we have chosen the theme of this workshop to be the quality and testing of web services applications.


Based on our previous experiences in the organisation of the first and second workshops on QATBWA at COMPSAC conferences, the likely participants are the researchers in the areas of software testing, software quality assurances, web-based software development techniques, web application researches, etc., the developers of web-based applications, researchers and developers of software testing tools, as well as research students in the above areas.