Keynote: Data Transparency on the Web


The accelerated growth of the internet has outpaced our abilities as individuals, societies and states to maintain control of our identity and privacy. We need to define new standards and guidelines for how our personal data is owned, accessed and used.

What tools can we create that provide us with insights and the ability to influence the use of our personal data? How can we ensure the policies and tools we adopt are flexible enough to keep up with rapid technological change and changing consumer expectations?

The Data Transparency Lab (DTL) is an inter-institutional collaboration, seeking to create a global community of technologists, researchers, policymakers and industry representatives working to advance online personal data transparency through scientific research and design.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Pablo Rodriguez (PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2000; MSc King´s College, London) is the CEO of Telefonica Alpha, Telefonica´s long term disruptive research unit to solve social problems through technology (Moonshots). Prior to that he established Telefonica´s Research lab. He has also worked in several Silicon Valley startups and corporations such as Inktomi, Microsoft Research, and Bell-Labs. At Microsoft Research he helped re-architect the Windows Updates system to distribute security patches to millions using P2P networks. In 2009, he co-founded the Data Transparency Lab to drive data privacy and transparency. He serves on various advisory board at Akamai, EPFL, Microsoft, and IMDEA Networks. Pablo´s current interests are networks, privacy and personal data. He is an IEEE Fellow and ACM Fellow.