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Art Exhibit Submissions

Information visualization is traditionally viewed as a tool for data exploration and hypothesis formation. Because of its roots in scientific reasoning, visualization work has, until recently, been limited to a role of analytical tool for sensemaking.

In recent years, however, both the mainstreaming of computer graphics and the democratization of data sources on the Internet have had important repercussions in the field of information visualization. With the ability to create visual representations of data on home computers, artists and designers have taken matters into their own hands and expanded the conceptual horizon of infovis as artistic practice.

In its first edition, the InfoVis Art Exhibit examines the merging of artistic intention and visualization technique. We are looking for artwork that reveals data patterns in aesthetic, innovative ways. The goal of the exhibit is to steer viewers towards greater introspection about what information is worth visualizing and why.

Slides from the InfoVis 2006 Art Exhibit presentation may be downloaded here (40 MB PowerPoint) or here (4 MB PDF).

The InfoVis Art Exhibit will consider the following types of work:

  • interactive CD/DVD-ROM work
  • interactive web-based work
  • printed artwork


Interactive pieces should run on a standard computer configuration (Windows Operating System, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, 1024 by 768 pixels monitor resolution) as such systems will be available at the exhibit.

If your artwork requires special hardware or software configurations, please contact the Art Exhibit chairs at

How to submit:

  1. Email the following materials to the Art Exhibit organizers
    • A filled-out InfoVis 2006 Art Exhibit Submission Form. Click here to download form.
    • A two-page paper describing the concept behind the piece and its technical implementation. Please click here for formatting information.
  2. Physically mail the following materials to the Art Exhibit organizers:
    • CD/DVDs for interactive pieces that are not web-based
    • printed materials for still-image artwork
    • Must be mailed to the address below by June 30th and must include the following printed information:
      • piece title
      • name(s) of author(s)
    • all materials should be sent to:
      Fernanda Viégas
      IBM Research
      1 Rogers Street, Room 5114
      Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

Note: if your interactive work is web-based, it suffices to include a link to your piece in the submission form.

Fernanda Viégas, IBM Research
Martin Wattenberg, IBM Research
Andrew Vande Moere, University of Sydney

Deadline: Friday, June 30, 2006 5:00pm PST