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IEEEIEEE Visualization Graphics Technical Committee
Visualization Contest - Census 2000

The contest participation category was introduced in 2003. The goal of the contest is to promote the development of benchmarks for information visualization, establish a forum to promote evaluation methods, and create an interesting event at the conference. Following in the footsteps of Technology Trends and Industry Analysis category of 2005, we have chosen a widely analyzed and familiar data set with which we use to challenge the InfoVis community.

The contest data set consists of 1% of the results of the U.S. Census from 2000. Although we are inviting submissions using the complete U.S. Census PUMS data set (180Mb zipped), we also encourage submmission of selected subsets of one or more geographic regions of the complete data set.

Contest entries are submitted as a two (2) page summary, a video and accompanying materials to either academic, industry or student category. All accepted entry materials will be made available online after the conference. At least one author of an accepted entry must attend the conference to present the work. Authors of first place entries will receive a prize and present their work during the main contest session. All entries will present their work during the poster session, and also through a brief summary of their work.

For more contest information, click here and register to download the data set and contest tasks.

For details on formatting of the 2-page contest entry summary paper, see the conference submission formatting guidelines.

Marjan Trutschl, Louisiana State University
Urska Cvek, Louisiana State University
Martin Wattenberg, IBM Research

Deadline: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 5:00pm PST (EXTENDED!)