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IEEEIEEE Visualization Graphics Technical Committee
Poster Submissions

The InfoVis Poster Program provides a forum for researchers to present work that is in progress and not sufficiently mature for a regular paper submission quite yet. Posters are typically summaries of ongoing work that authors present to gain feedback from the community about the research. In addition to having a two-page article in the Conference Compendium, authors will create a large poster summarizing their work and will be available to discuss it during the Monday evening conference reception and poster session.

Because posters only appear in the Conference Compendium, they are not considered archival publications and thus can have subsequent full papers submitted to the InfoVis Symposium or other conferences.

For details on formatting of the two-page poster summary, see the Paper Formatting Guidelines page.

Please click here to submit your poster on line.

Deadline: Friday, June 30, 2006 5:00pm PST

Information for Authors

Interactive poster authors must submit a 2 page summary in the same two-column format as is required for papers, and an optional draft of the poster layout (in pdf format). Those who intend to show demos are highly encouraged to also submit an accompanying video. Clearly identify the type of your submission by including the prefix "Interactive Poster:" in the title of your summary.

Useful guidelines for the design of the actual poster layout can be found here.

Poster Session

Authors of accepted interactive posters are required to bring an explanatory hardcopy poster for display during the scheduled evening poster session, and be available for discussion at that time. Accepted authors who wish to also show demos of their work are encouraged to also bring a laptop to the poster session. There will be a limited number of stations for showing videos during the main poster session. Authors who wish to show a live demo but cannot provide their own machine should contact the posters chairs in advance of the submission deadline to discuss the logistics. All authors who plan to show live demos or video should clearly indicate this fact in their submissions. Authors are also required to present a very brief one-minute summary of their interactive poster at a short preview session earlier in the day.

Posters Review Process

Each poster will be read and evaluated by the Posters Chairs. Submissions will be evaluated based on whether the content is suitable for the venue and not a repetition of the work of others. Authors of posters that are not accepted will receive summary reviews of their poster from the chairs explaining the decision and providing feedback.

Sheelagh Carpendale, University of Calgary, Canada
Ed Chi, PARC
Kwan-Liu Ma, University of California, Davis