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IEEE Visualization Graphics Technical CommitteeIEEEIEEE CS

Sunday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
Matthew Ericson, NY Times

Sunday, 10:30AM - 11:15AM
Papers Fast Forward

Sunday, 11:15AM - 12:10AM
Chair: Jean-Daniel Fekete

Visual Analysis of Network Traffic for Resource Planning, Interactive Monitoring, and Interpretation of Security Threats
Florian Mansmann, Daniel A. Keim, Stephen C. North, Brian Rexroad, Daniel Sheleheda

AdaptiviTree: Adaptive Tree Visualization for Tournament-Style Brackets
Desney Tan, Greg Smith, Bongshin Lee, George Robertson

Sunday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
InfoVis for the Masses
Chair: Ben Shneiderman

Many Eyes: A Site for Visualization at Internet Scale
Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Frank van Ham, Jesse Kriss, Matt McKeon

Scented Widgets: Improving Navigation Cues with Embedded Visualizations
Wesley Willett, Jeffrey Heer, Maneesh Agrawala

Show Me: Automatic Presentation for Visual Analysis
Jock Mackinlay, Pat Hanrahan, Chris Stolte

Casual Information Visualization: Depictions of Data in Everyday Life
Zachary Pousman, John Stasko, Michael Mateas

Sunday, 4:15PM - 5:45PM
Posters Fast Forward
Contest Review
Art Show Review

Best Paper
Chair, Best Paper Award Committee: Daniel Keim

Visualizing the History of Living Spaces
Yuri A Ivanov, Christopher R. Wren, Alexander Sorokin, Ishwinder Kaur

Monday, 8:30AM - 10:10AM
Geographic Visualization
Chair: Chris Weaver

Geographically weighted visualization - interactive graphics for scale-varying exploratory analysis
Chris Brunsdon, Jason Dykes

Legible Cities: Focus-Dependent Multi-Resolution Visualization of Urban Relationships
Remco Chang, Ginette Wessel, Robert Kosara, Eric Sauda, William Ribarsky

Interactive visual exploration of a large spatio-temporal data set: reflections on a geovisualization mashup
Jo Wood, Jason Dykes, Aidan Slingsby, Keith Clarke

Hotmap: Looking at Geographic Attention
Danyel Fisher

Monday, 10:30AM - 12:10PM
Novel Techniques
Chair: Matthew Ward

VisLink: Revealing Relationships Amongst Visualizations
Christopher Collins, Sheelagh Carpendale

Visualization of Heterogeneous Data
Mike Cammarano, Xin (Luna) Dong, Bryan Chan, Jeff Klingner, Justin Talbot, Alon Halevy, Pat Hanrahan

Sequential Document Visualization
Yi Mao, Joshua Dillon, Guy Lebanon

A Taxonomy of Clutter Reduction for Information Visualisation
Geoffrey Ellis, Alan Dix

Monday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Panel: The Impact of Social Data Visualization

Monday, 4:15PM - 5:55PM
Interaction and Animation
Chair: Frank van Ham

Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization
Ji Soo Yi, Youn ah Kang, John T. Stasko, Julie A. Jacko

Interactive Tree Comparison for Co-located Collaborative Information Visualization
Petra Isenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale

Animated Transitions in Statistical Data Graphics
Jeffrey Heer, George Robertson

Browsing Zoomable Treemaps: Structure-Aware Multi-Scale Navigation Techniques
Renaud Blanch, Éric Lecolinet

Tuesday, 10:30AM - 12:10AM
Chair: Penny Rheingans

Visualizing Causal Semantics using Animations
Nivedita Kadaba, Pourang Irani, Jason Leboe

Spatialization Design: Comparing Points and Landscapes
Melanie Tory, David W. Sprague, Fuqu Wu, Wing Yan So, Tamara Munzner

Weaving versus Blending: A Quantitative Assessment of the Information Carrying Capacities of Two Alternative Methods for Conveying Multivariate Data with Color
Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Victoria Interrante, Christopher Healey, Sunghee Kim

Overview use in multiple information resolution interfaces
Heidi Lam, Tamara Munzner, Robert Kincaid

Tuesday, 2:00PM - 3:40PM
Tree and Graph Visualization
Chair: Tamara Munzner

Visualizing Changes of Hierarchical Data Using Treemaps
Ying Tu, Han-Wei Shen

Exploring Multiple Trees through DAG Representations
Martin Graham, Jessie Kennedy

NodeTrix: a Hybrid Visualization of Social Networks
Nathalie Henry, Jean-Daniel Fekete, Michael J. McGuffin

Multi-Level Graph Layout on the GPU
Yaniv Frishman, Ayellet Tal

Tuesday, 4:15PM - 5:55PM
InfoVis Capstone/IEEE VAST Keynote
Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge and the University of California, Berkeley