25th Annual Software Technology Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

8-10 April 2013

Papers By Session

Monday Presentations
How to Prepare for and Implement a Project Using Scrum
Creating Successful Software - Intensive Systems (SISs) with the Incremental Commitment Spiral Model (ICSM)
Agile Software Engineering: Interactive Workshop
RPI All-Stars Secure Coding Review Part 2: Secure Coding Standards and Conformance Testing
Rapid Development (Agile) Engineering: Acquisition Game Changer
Functional Analysis: The Key to Software Sustainment
Managing Supply Chain Risk – Understanding Vulnerabilities in the Code You Buy, Build, or Integrate
Tuesday Presentations
Using ARINC 653 Health Monitoring to Implement Robust Error Management in Avionics Platforms
Ensuring Your Development Processes Meet Today’s Cyber Challenges
Are We Ready for the Cloud?
Transforming Your Application Development Organization
An Industry Proof-of Concept Demonstration of Automated Combinatorial Test
Cybersecurity Growth Modeling
Architecting the Cloud: Enterprise Architecture Patterns for Cloud Computing
Agile Software Development in Defense Acquisition – A Mission Assurance Perspective
Meeting Market Demands with Composable Systems
Coding Standards Writing Code for Easy Maintenance!
Software Acquisition Patterns of Failure and How to Recognize Them
Case Study of a Program using an Agile Software Development Process
How to Fail at MBSE
Implementing Organizational Learning Cycles for Improving Software V&V
Cloud Computing and Big Data – What’s the Big Deal
Ready & Fit: Understanding Agile Adoption Risk in DoD and Other Highly Regulated Settings
Identifying Trustworthiness Deficit in Legacy Systems Using the NFR Approach
Improving Operational Resilience Processes
Personal Security in the Cloud – The Basics
Wednesday Presentations
Making Our Engineers More Productive - Tools, Knowledge, Capabilities
Cyber Security within the Mobile-Smart and Embedded Software Test Domain
Championing Measurement of Software Quality and Technical Debt: Back to the Future with Old & New Techniques
Responding to Warfighter Needs and Supporting Mission Success through Test Automation in GUI Driven Software Systems
Object-Oriented Programming for High-Integrity Systems: Local Type Consistency Verification without Tears
SAFE: Secure Host Computing
Software Usability - Enabling Rapid Communications Deployment with Limited Resources
Agile Architecting Methods for Large Scale Agile Software Development
Software Development Profile Model
Affordable Security
SSECM: The Software Systems Engineering Competency Model
Enabling Mission Success through Software Technology and Agile Methods via Favorable Contributions to the Rapid Acquisition of IT Systems in Support of Public Law 111 (Section 804)
Understanding the Role of Real-Time Java in Aegis Warship Modernization
Developing and Validating Statistical Cyber Defenses
Mission Thread Workshop: Lessons Learned
Case Study: Applying Agile Software Practices to Systems Engineering
Software & Supply Chain Assurance: Enabling Enterprise Resilience through Security Automation, Software Assurance, and Supply Chain Risk Management
The Current State of Malware Defense
SWX: The Software Extension to the PMBOK Guide® for Project Management
Data Collection and Analysis Supporting Defendable Cost Estimates
Software Assurance v. Security Compliance: Why is Compliance Not Enough?
Cyber Operations as a Counter Insurgency (COIN) Operation
Kanban-based Scheduling Systems for Integrating Systems and Software Engineering
Risks of Software Risk Management – Focusing on the Probability and Statistics Foundations
Tagging Your Binaries with a Risk Analysis Measurement from CWE/CWRAF
You’re KIL-ling Me – Implementing Knowledge Interaction Levels in a Cyber Analysis Tool
Integrate End-to-End Early and Often: Driving Out Technical Risk by Blending Architecture and Process Discipline
Understanding the Drivers Behind Software Acquisition Program Performance: Enabling Mission Success through Improved Software Decision-Making
Helping Programmers Understand and Study Software Security Weaknesses
Transforming the AFCENT Air Operations Center
Help! How Do We Work Together? And ... How Can We Be More Effective?
Opening General Session
Supporting the Software Engineering Profession
Progression? Regression? Stasis?
General Sessions
Skating to Where the Puck Is Going: Future-Proofing Opportunities and Challenges
Aligning an Organization’s Goals and Strategies through Measurement: GQM+Strategies®
Why Everyone Needs DevOps Now: My Fourteen Year Journey Studying High Performing IT Organizations
Luncheon with Speaker
Economic Governance of Software Delivery
Dinner with Speaker
The Future is Ahead of Us: Software Capability and Software Assurance