IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2006 October 31 - November 2, 2006
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A PDF copy of the program is available by clicking here.


1:30pm - 3:10pm

Introduction and Keynote
Chairs: Pak Chung Wong and Daniel Keim

Keynote Speaker: Joe Kielman

Designer Information - Why Visualization and Analytics Technologies Should Help Us Focus Our Minds and Not Our Senses

3:40pm - 4:55pm

Spatial and Temporal Data
Chair: Bill Ribarsky

TimeTree: Exploring Time Changing Hierarchies
Stuart Card, Bongwon Suh, Bryan Pendleton, Jeffrey Heer, John Bodnar

Visual Exploration of Spatio-temporal Relationships for Scientific Data
Sameep Mehta, Srinivasan Parthasarathy, Raghu Machiraju

Visual Analytics of Paleoceanographic Conditions
Roberto Theron, Roberto Theron

Avian Flu Case Study with nSpace and GeoTime
Pascale Proulx, Sumeet Tandon, Adam Bodnar, David Schroh, Robert Harper, William Wright

Visual Analysis of Historic Hotel Visitation Patterns
Chris Weaver, David Fyfe, Anthony Robinson, Deryck Holdsworth, Donna Peuquet, Alan MacEachren


10:45am - 12:00pm

Contest Results
Chairs: Georges Grinstein, Sharon Laskowski, Theresa O' Connell, Catherine Plaisant, Jean Scholtz, Mark Whiting

1:30pm - 3:10pm

Complex Information Spaces
Chair: Stu Card

D-Dupe: An Interactive Tool for Entity Resolution in Social Networks
Mustafa Bilgic, Louis Licamele, Lise Getoor, Ben Shneiderman

Interactive Visual Synthesis of Analytic Knowledge
David Gotz, Michelle X. Zhou, Vikram Aggarwal

Visual Analysis of Conflicting Opinions
Chaomei Chen, Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Eric SanJuan, Chris Weaver

Have Green-A Visual Analytics Framework for Large Semantic Graphs
Pak Chung Wong, George Chin, Harlan Foote, Patrick Mackey, Jim Thomas

Exploring Large-Scale Video News via Interactive Visualization
Hangzai Luo, Jianping Fan, Jing Yang, William Ribarsky, Shin'ichi Satoh

3:40pm - 5:40pm

Graph and Network Data
Chair: George Robertson

Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Network and Sensor Data on a Mobile Device
Avin Pattath, Brian Bue, Yun Jang, David Ebert, Xuan Zhong, Aaron Ault, Edward Coyle

NetLens: Iterative Exploration of Content-Actor Network Data
Hyunmo Kang, Catherine Plaisant, Bongshin Lee, Benjamin B. Bederson

Interactive Wormhole Detection in Large Scale Wireless Networks
Weichao Wang, Aidong Lu

Enhancing Visual Analysis of Network Traffic Using Knowledge Representations
Ling Xiao, John Gerth, Pat Hanrahan

Accelerating Network Traffic Analysis Using Query-Driven Visualization
E. Wes Bethel, Scott Campbell, Eli Dart, Kurt Stockinger, Kesheng Wu

Monitoring Network Traffic with Radial Traffic Analyzer
Daniel A. Keim, Florian Mansmann, Jörn Schneidewind, Tobias Schreck


8:30am - 10:15am

IEEE VAST PhD Colloquium
Chairs: Richard May and Bill Pike

10:45am - 12:00pm

Chair: Jim Foley

Title: Visual Analytics Education

1:30pm - 3:10pm

Evaluation and Collaborative Aspects
Chair: Brian Fisher

Toward a Multi-Analyst, Collaborative Framework for Visual Analytics
Susan E. Brennan, Klaus Mueller, Greg Zelinsky, IV Ramakrishnan, David S. Warren, Arie Kaufman

Collaborative Visual Analytics: Inferring from the Spatial Organization and Collaborative Use of Information
Paul Keel

Beyond Usability: Evaluation Aspects of Visual Analytic Environments
Jean Scholtz

Visualizing The Performance of Computational Linguistics Algorithms
Stephen Eick, Justin Mauger, Alan Ratner

ScentIndex: Conceptually Reorganizing Subject Indexes for Reading
Ed H. Chi, Lichan Hong, Julie Heiser, Stuart K. Card

3:40pm - 5:20pm

Multidimensional Multivariate Data
Chair: Pat Hanrahan

A Visual Interface for Multivariate Temporal Data: Finding Patterns of Events Across Multiple Histories
Jerry Fails, Amy Karlson, Layla Shahamat, Ben Shneiderman

User Interfaces for the Exploration of Hierarchical Multi-dimensional Data
Mark Sifer

Exploratory Visualization of Multivariate Data with Variable Quality
Zaixian Xie, Shiping Huang, Matthew Ward, Elke Rundensteiner

Semantic Image Browser: Bridging Information Visualization with Automated Intelligent Image Analysis
Jing Yang, Jianping Fan, Daniel Hubball , Yuli Gao, Hangzai Luo, William Ribarsky, Matthew Ward

Pixnostics: Towards Measuring the Value of Visualization
Jörn Schneidewind, Daniel Keim, Mike Sips

5:20pm - 5:40pm

Closing Remarks
Chairs: Pak Chung Wong and Daniel Keim