2014 Second IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization

Victoria, City of Gardens, British Columbia, Canada

29-30 September 2014

Papers By Session

Session 1: Visualization Techniques
Combining Tiled and Textual Views of Code
Integrating Anomaly Diagnosis Techniques into Spreadsheet Environments
Action-Based Visualization
Slicing-Based Techniques for Visualizing Large Metamodels
Session 2: Visualization Techniques, Paradigms, and Languages
Search Space Pruning Constraints Visualization
Livecoding the SynthKit: Little Bits as an Embodied Programming Language
A Domain-Specific Language for Visualizing Software Dependencies as a Graph
Feature Relations Graphs: A Visualisation Paradigm for Feature Constraints in Software Product Lines
Validation of Software Visualization Tools: A Systematic Mapping Study
Using a Task-Oriented Framework to Characterize Visualization Approaches
Session 3: Formal Tool Demos
Mr. Clean: A Tool for Tracking and Comparing the Lineage of Scientific Visualization Code
Visual Clone Analysis with SolidSDD
Polyptychon: A Hierarchically-Constrained Classified Dependencies Visualization
Session 4: Compilers, Control Flow, and Debugging
How Developers Visualize Compiler Messages: A Foundational Approach to Notification Construction
Lightweight Structured Visualization of Assembler Control Flow Based on Regular Expressions
Templated Visualization of Object State with Vebugger
The Challenge of Helping the Programmer during Debugging
Session 5: Evolution
ChronoTwigger: A Visual Analytics Tool for Understanding Source and Test Co-evolution
Visualizing the Evolution of Systems and Their Library Dependencies
AniMatrix: A Matrix-Based Visualization of Software Evolution
Session 6: Developers and Teams
Visualizing Developer Interactions
Information Visualization for Agile Software Development
FAVe: Visualizing User Feedback for Software Evolution