March 25-29, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference

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IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2006 Tuesday Paper Schedule 

Papers 7: Tracking and Projection Displays

Optical Tracking and Automatic Model Estimation of Composite Interaction Devices

Arjen van Rhijn, Center for Mathematics and Computer Science     
Jurriaan Mulder, Center for Mathematics and Computer Science    

PTrack: Introducing a Novel Iterative Geometric Pose Estimation for a Marker-based Single Camera Tracking System

Pedro Santos, Fraunhofer-IGD     
Andre Stork, Fraunhofer-IGD    
Alexandre Buaes, CETA-SENAI-RS PPGEE/UFRGS    
Joaquim Jorge, INESC-ID/DEI-IST

Compensating Indirect Scattering for Immersive and Semi-Immersive Projection Displays

Oliver Bimber, Bauhaus-University Weimar     
Anselm Grundhöfer, Bauhaus-University Weimar    
Thomas Zeidler, Bauhaus-University Weimar    
Daniel Danch, Bauhaus-University Weimar    
Pedro Kapakos, Bauhaus-University Weimar    

Display Composed of Water Drops for Filling Space with Materialized Virtual Three-dimensional Objects

Shin'ichiro Eitoku, The university of Tokyo     
Tomohiro Tanikawa, The university of Tokyo    
Yasuhiro Suzuki, The university of Tokyo    
Koichi Hirota, The university of Tokyo    
Toshio Iwai, The university of Tokyo    
Michitaka Hirose, The university of Tokyo

Papers 8: 3D Interaction

Hybrid Rotations: Overcoming Hardware Rotational Limitations of Force-Feedback Devices

Lionel Dominjon, University of Angers    
Anatole Lécuyer, INRIA/IRISA    
Jean-Marie Burkhardt, University of Paris5/INRIA    
Simon Richir, University of Angers

Design and Evaluation of Navigation Techniques for Multiscale Virtual Environments

Regis Kopper, PUCRS 
Tao Ni, Virginia Tech  
Doug Bowman, Virginia Tech
Marcio Pinho, PUCRS

214 - vCocktail: Multiplexed-voice menu presentation method for wearable computers

Yasushi Ikei, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology     
Koichi Hirota, The University of Tokyo    
Michitaka Hirose, The University of Tokyo

Papers 9: Haptic and Olfactory Displays

A Six Degree-of-Freedom God-Object Method for Haptic Display of Rigid Bodies

Stephane Redon, INRIA
Michael Ortega, INRIA & PSA Peugeot Citroen    
Sabine Coquillart, INRIA

Wearable Olfactory Display: Using Odor in Outdoor Environment

Tomoya Yamada, The University of Tokyo     
Satoshi Yokoyama, IBM Japan, Ltd.    
Tomohiro Tanikawa, The University of Tokyo    
Koichi Hirota, The University of Tokyo    
Michitaka Hirose, The University of Tokyo    

SpotScents: A Novel Method of Natural Scent Delivery Using Multiple Scent Projectors

Fumitaka Nakaizumi, ATR Media Infomation Science Laboratories     
Yasuyuki Yanagida, Meijo University & ATR Media Infomation Science Laboratories
Haruo Noma, ATR Media Infomation Science Laboratories    
Kenichi Hosaka, ATR Media Infomation Science Laboratories