Author Guidelines

Final Paper Submission Process

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and by the IEEE, and will be accessible via IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Papers should be written in English conforming to the IEEE standard conference format (8.5" x 11" - US letter, Two-Column). Each paper is limited to 8 pages (or 10 pages with over-length charges). You can find a copy of the IEEE standard conference template for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats at .

Submissions should be in a Portable Document Format (.pdf). Please follow the instructions with the template package to ensure your .pdf submission is IEEE compliant. Your paper must be printable in order to be accepted. At least one of the authors of each accepted paper has to register at the regular rate (even if the presenting author is a student). Please note that each registration will cover one accepted paper. IEEE WiMob Executive Committee reserves the right not to include in IEEE Explore the papers that are not presented at the conference.

Preparing Your Submission

  1. Prepare the Final Manuscript: Please read the reviews and follow the reviewers' recommendations for revising your final paper. When you are done with revising, please print out your paper and proofread it. Final manuscripts are required to be submitted through EDAS in standard IEEE two-column format. The sample manuscript (pdf, doc, and Latex) in Author Tools contains detailed requirements, and can be used as a visual guide. You have to use US letter template and paper size, and also ensure that all the fonts are embedded in the document. More information on the IEEE's electronic submission requirement by visiting the following link Frequently Asked Questions about IEEE's electronic submission requirements, and on how to embed all the fonts used in you submission by visiting PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore. Final manuscripts should be up to eight pages in length. WiMob 2010 will accept Up to 2 additional pages with an overlength charge of $100.00 per page.

  2. Compile the Submission Document: The final manuscript must be submitted in IEEE Xplore-compatible pdf format. WiMob 2010 authors can compile an IEEE Xplore-compatible pdf using IEEE PDFeXpress . Instructions on the use of PDFeXpress can be viewed here. The Conference ID is wimob10x
    Please note the letter 'x' at the end of the conference ID.

    You can also directly submit your paper to EDAS (without using IEEE PDF eXpress service), as EDAS will preform the same IEEE's electronic submission requirement checks. However, EDAS cannot be used to convert your submission from other formats to a pdf one.

  3. Submit the Final Manuscript: Camera ready manuscripts will be submitted through EDAS. Login into your EDAS account, click on the My Papers tab, and then upload your paper on the link provided. The submission deadline is August 15, 2010. Submit your final manuscript early! Manuscripts received before the deadline that fail to satisfy the requirements of steps 1) and 2) will be returned to the author for revision. When the deadline passes, manuscripts that fail to satisfy the above requirements will be removed from the Technical Program.

  4. Submit Copyright Form: Papers cannot be included in the conference proceedings without a completed IEEE Copyright Form. Authors can submit the Copyright Form electronically through EDAS by going to the My Papers tab and clicking the 'c' icon in the Copyright column of your WiMob 2010 paper.

  5. Register: Registration information can be viewed here. The registration deadline for Technical Paper Presenters is August 15, 2010. Please note that each accepted paper must be accompanied by a full conference registration (even if the presenting author is a student). Please note that each registration will cover one accepted paper. The organizers of IEEE WiMob 2010 as well as our attendees expect accepted papers to be presented at the conference. IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.

Paper Submission to WiMob 2010 Workshops

The steps described above for the WiMob 2010 main conference also apply to all of its workshops. For each accepted workshop paper, one regular registration is required. Each workshop registration will also include access to all the activities planned for the main conference.

Visa Instructions and Assisstance

Visa arrangements for entry into Canada (if needed) are the responsibility of authors and other conference participants. The conference organizers will be happy to provide you a letter to help with this process, after you have registered for the conference and uploaded the camera ready version of your paper. Please note that the letter will only state the above information, and you are responsible for all your travel costs and any other conditions that the Canadian embassy or consulate may require. If you would like us to prepare and send you this letter, please use the following link.


Last revised July 21, 2010