2014 9th Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

16 November 2014

Papers By Session

Workflow Scheduling
Execution Time Estimation for Workflow Scheduling
A Performance Model to Estimate Execution Time of Scientific Workflows on the Cloud
Large-Scale Workflows
Sensitivity Analysis for Time Dependent Problems: Optimal Checkpoint-Recompute HPC Workflows
Workflow Management for Real-Time Analysis of Lightsource Experiments
A Cleanup Algorithm for Implementing Storage Constraints in Scientific Workflow Executions
Workflow Languages and Engines
Combining Workflow Templates with a Shared Space-Based Execution Model
Increasing Scientific Workflow Programming Productivity with HyperFlow
User-Oriented Partial Result Evaluation in Workflow-Based Science Gateways
Workflow Support Environments
Workflows in a Dashboard: A New Generation of Usability
Towards Workflow Ecosystems through Semantic and Standard Representations