May 24, 2011:
Keynote slides are now available on the keynote page.

March 6, 2011:
The program is now available and the due date for the camera ready copy has been changed to March 8th.

February 22, 2011:
Registration information is now available on the registration page.

January 26, 2011:
New information on workshops available, see below.


“Education, Education, Education”, is often the mantra of politicians. However, “education” and similarly “training” must have a clear purpose. For Software Engineering this must be to provide fundamental foundations and ongoing support for a professional real-world workforce. It must also be recognized that education, certainly in Universities does not exist in isolation. For CSEE&T 2011 we particularly invite active researchers in Software Engineering to expound on how they draw from their research to ensure that their teaching is vibrant, inspirational, and meaningful in the context of the environments in which most of their students will find subsequent employment. We thus see that for the 2011 conference there should be two main academic themes:

  • The incorporation of leading edge research developments into academic programs.
  • Ensuring academic programs match actual "Real-World "needs.

In addition to these two specific academic themes we also invite submissions that address other particular elements of:

  • Current and future issues in Software Engineering education and training.

To support these themes the conference will feature:

  • academic research papers
  • in-depth teaching/training experience reports
  • short papers
  • “work in progress” reports
  • highly collaborative workshops
  • panel sessions
  • practice and methods presentations, and tutorials
  • posters

It is also intended that authors of selected papers and reports will be given the opportunity to extend their papers for publication in a major educational journal.

A special one-day parallel event: the Academy for Software Engineering Education and Training (ASEE&T) will be held on Sunday May 22, 2011 which will enable new software engineering educators to learn from master instructors in a highly dynamic, hands-on, interactive environment. Flyers for this event are available on the ASEET webpage.

Keynote Speakers

CSEET '11 will feature the following keynote speakers:

Andrew Begel
Microsoft Research
Monday, May 23rd
Mary Shaw
Carnegie Mellon University
Tuesday, May 24th

The details are now available here.
Workshops, Papers, and Sessions

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, we're going to have a great lineup of workshops! So take a look now, get involved, and plan to attend:

Call for Papers

The Call For Papers has been posted, please visit the CFP page for details.

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