WS03 - Workshop on Improving the CSEE&T Submissions Process
Mike Barker (Call for Participation)

New! Results of the workshop can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/h7ebei.

Have you ever thought about submitting an article to CSEE&T? The process of research and article submission is fairly long and often complicated because people don't know what all the steps are and there really isn't much support sometimes. In this workshop, we will take a look at that process and try to identify ways to improve the process so that the number and quality of submissions to CSEE&T grows! Please join us in brainstorming, selecting, and then planning concrete steps to make the process of submission for CSEE&T delightful, instead of painful.

We would like to improve the quantity and quality of submissions to CSEE&T. To do this, we will examine the process of developing submissions, and then consider ways to support, encourage, scaffold, and otherwise improve that process. Some of the key questions that this workshop will examine include:
  1. What is the process of developing submissions for CSEE&T?
  2. What could we do to improve this process? This will be brainstorming!
  3. Which of our ideas for improvement provide the best bang for the buck? We will prioritize looking at impact, effort, and time to pay off.
  4. Select and commit -- we will pick key ideas, begin planning, and set up working groups to turn them into reality.
  5. Report the results to the CSEE&T community -- the steering committee, the program committee, and the rest of the community.
  6. Report our results to other communities and call on them for collaboration and cooperation -- ICSE, ISERN, SIGCSE...
There will be several products of this process. First, the lists of ideas from the small teams should be collected and made publicly available. Second, the affinity diagram groupings and the ratings from the multi-vote should also be recorded and made publicly available. Third, the reports on the next steps, including the plans and publicity, will obviously be made publicly available. I also expect that we are likely to need continuing workshops to further develop some of the ideas.

Important Dates
Intended participants must register for the workshop when registering to the conference.