2014 IEEE 26th Annual Software Technology Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

31 March-3 April 2014

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Struggles at the Frontiers of Software Engineering
Analyzing Engineering Process Data at Microsoft: What's the Opportunity?
Development, Management, and Economics of Large-Scale Mission-Critical Systems
Tutorials & Workshops
Avoiding the Process Procrustean Bed: A Preview of the Incremental Commitment Spiral Model Book
Agile Software Engineering: Interactive Workshop
Enabling Success via Applying Modern Software Engineering Processes, Methods and Technologies in the Rapid Acquisition of Operational Capabilities
Adapting Agile Processes for Military Acquisition Programs
Applying Agile Practices to Space Based Software Systems
Model-Driven Software Produces Truly Agile Solutions
Agile and CMMI®: Disciplined Agile with Process Optimization
Enterprise Agile IT Requirements Management
Measurement Standards for System '-ilities'
Model-Based Engineering
Defining and Verifying System Architectures Using Model Based Executable Specifications
Design and Analysis of Trustworthy Embedded Systems: A Model-Driven Approach
Value-based Scheduling in System of Systems Evolution
Silverlining: A Cloud Forecaster Using Benchmarking and Simulation
Cloud Computing & Big Data
Rapid Deployment of Data Mining in Engineering Applications
Overcome Challenges of Deploying Cloud Technologies in Regulated Industries
Cloud Computing and Big Data - What's the Big Deal?
U.S. Treasury Offset Program - Transforming Your IT Project in the Cloud
Supplementing Live Forensics with Traditional Forensics for Cloud Computing
Verification, Validation & Testing
A Quantitative Approach to Software Quality Evaluation
Bayesian Statistics for Complex Systems Safety Analysis
A Practical Approach to Verification and Validation
Revealing Usability Issues through Heuristic Evaluations
Software Assurance
Automating System Assurance: A Methodical Analysis Process from DODAF Models to Source Code
Object-Oriented Programming for High-Integrity Systems: Avoiding the Vulnerabiities
Early Lifecycle Security Risk Analysis: Planning for Software Assurance
Software Assurance: The Necessary Evil of Safety/Security Critical Systems
The Security Architecture Discipline as Catalyst to Effect Secure Design – Employing Abuse Case Elaboration for Attack Vector Discovery and Countermeasure Determination
“Is the Two-Week Agile Sprint the Worst Software Idea Ever?”: Management Issues in Software Assurance and Information Security
Extracting Software Failure Knowledge from Anomaly Databases at NASA
Reconstruction of Common Weakness Enumeration
"This is NOT Your Mother's Ada" - A Brief Coverage of Ada’s Evolution over the Last 30 Years
Agile Development in Support of DoD Information Assurance
Software Intensive Systems/Sustainment
GPS Control Segment Modernization - Acquisition of a Large Software Intensive System
Disciplined Reuse Could Come to the Rescue for Army Common Operating Environment
Enterprise Online Help for GCCS-J and JC2CUI: An Example of Enterprise Software Engineering
Migrating a Large Scale Legacy IT System to a System with Current Technology
Quantitative Prediction and Improvement of Program Execution
Web-Based Modules for Cyberphysical Systems Security
Success in Software Project Management
A Shared Understanding between Humans and Autonomous Cyber Collectives
Managing Sustainment Costs through Planning on Lockheed Martin’s C-130 Military Aircraft
Modifying Traditional Applications for More Cost Effective Deployment
Software Sustainment of Mission-Critical Systems: Wringing Value out of Legacy Assets
The Software Engineering Competency Model (SWECOM)
dbcbet: Object-Oriented Design by Contract with Declarative Bounded Exhaustive Testing
Software Implementation to Reduce the Impact of Interface Revision
Requirements Engineering Across the Life Cycle Continuum
A More Flexible Multi-Tenant SOA for SaaS
New Task Model Elements for Complex User-Software Interactions
Using Cognitive Principles and Perceptual Processes to Guide Interface Design
ARTAMIS: Open Source and Extensibility in an Embedded Mission System
Lean Software Architecture for Automated Test Equipment
A Systems Architecture Approach to Complex Systems Using mDSM
Processes & Practices
How Studying Video Games Helped One Team Design a Stronger Product
IT Affordability Analysis: The Role of Process, Cost and ROI Modeling in Improved IT Program Performance
Is the Cost of Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability Affordable for Software Intensive Systems?
When Go-Live Falls Short: Lessons in How Software Engineering and Acquisition Best Practice Could Have Saved the Day
Evolving Postmortems as Teams Evolve through TxP
Improving the User Interface through Gestalt Design Principles
Leveraging Game Development Engines to Simulate Conceptual Systems
Command Graphs
Card-Sort Tutorial: Matching User Interface Content to Users’ Mental Models
Hybrid Hardware/Software Synergism
Hybrid Hardware/Software Synergism - Full Paper
"If It Passes Test, It Must be OK" – Common Misconceptions and the Immutable Laws of Software Development
Real World Applications
Computing Advances for the Smart Grid Vision
MobileCare: A Mobile Device Connectivity Solution