Panel on "Cloud and Internet of Things"

Panel Description

The Internet of Things broadly interpreted covers everything from monitoring sensors, smartphones that today have ~10 “things” each, robots and surveillance systems. The smartphones capture both the Internet access for social media sites with 1.8 billion photos uploaded every day and the content of tweets and Facebook posts that are being analyzed to capture in real-time the sentiment and thoughts of people. There are many estimates for the potential size of the IoT with at least 20 Billion devices expected by 2020. As well as the consumer IoT there is also the Industrial Internet of Things IIoT delivering intelligent machines and revolutionary industrial systems (e.g. manufacturing and transportation) of every type. The Cloud is often viewed as the natural controller for IoT devices and new software models ("Map-Streaming") like Apache Storm are emerging.

The panel will take a broad look at the future of IoT covering devices and their cloud support.

Panel Moderator:

Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University, USA


Bobby Evans, Yahoo, USA
Antonio Iera, Uni. Reggio Calabria, Italy
Youngchoon Park, Johnson Controls, Inc., USA
Judy Qiu, Indiana University, USA

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