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ICEBE 2013 Keynotes & Plenary Talk

Keynote I - Linked Services: Connecting Services to the Web of Data

John Domingue
Deputy Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University and the President of STI International

Over the last few years we have seen a rapid growth in the Web of Data - machine readable data available on the Web using Web standards such as RDF(S) and SPARQL. When last mapped in 2011 tens of billions of Linked Open Data statements were available connected by nearly 500M links. Technologies associated with the Web of Data have now been take up by governments (especially the US and UK Governments) and major Web and Media players such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft and the BBC. In this talk I will describe work that we have been carrying out in the area which we term "Linked Services" which seeks to connect the spheres of Linked Data and Web services to form a new global computing platform. I will also cover ongoing work where we are transforming SAP's Unified Service Description Language to a Linked Data format.

Prof. John Domingue is the Deputy Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University and the President of STI International, a semantics focused networking organization. He has published over 200 refereed articles in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and the Web and his current work is focused on how semantic technology can automate the management, development and use of Web services. Over the last few years John Domingue has served as the Scientific Director for three large European projects covering semantics, services, the Web and business process management. He current serves as Chair of the Steering Committee for the ESWC Conference Series. Within the Future Internet arena from 2008-2012 he served as a member of the Future Internet Assembly Steering Committee. The Future Internet Assembly is a collaboration amongst over 150 European projects with a combined budget of over half a billion Euros aiming to develop a next-generation Internet. Prof. Domingue also serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of Web Semantics and the Applied Ontology Journal.

Keynote II - CLOUDs: Hype, Problems and Opportunities

Independent Consultant
Ex-Director IT and International Strategy and Director International Relations of STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council)

The concept of CLOUD Computing has been a hot talking point for some years. However, there are as yet relatively few business applications running using CLOUDs although the use of CLOUDs for emailing, sharing office documents and social media is well-established. Cutting through the hype it is possible to classify kinds of CLOUD offerings and examine their advantages and disadvantages with respect to business requirements. These challenges and opportunities are technical, economic, legal and environmental. Two reports from expert groups convened by the European Commission under the chairmanship of the author document the state of the art, the opportunities and challenges. This leads to a roadmap for the widespread take-up and adoption of CLOUD computing. A key point of the roadmap is the provision of a systems development environment to allow flexible redeployment of applications across one or more CLOUD offerings. The PaaSage project íV part-funded by the European Commission íV addresses this opportunity.

Keith Jeffery is past Director IT at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. with 360,000 users, 1100 servers and 140 staff. Keith holds 3 honorary visiting professorships, is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and the British Computer Society, is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional and an Honorary Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Keith is President of ERCIM and past President of euroCRIS, and serves on international expert groups, conference boards and assessment panels. He had advised government on security and green computing. He chaired the EC Expert Groups on GRIDs and on CLOUD Computing.

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