Best Paper Award:

Cook over IP: Adapting TCP for Cordless Kitchen Appliances
Shruthi Kashyap, Vijay S. Rao, R. Venkatesha Prasad (TU Delft) Toine Staring (Philips Research)

Best Demo Award:

An Ultra-Low-Power Custom Integrated Circuit based Sound-Source Localization System
Daniel de Godoy, Stephen Xia, Wendy Fernandez, Xiaofan Jiang, and Peter R. Kinget (Columbia University)

Best Demo Runner-Up:

Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Sensing using Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Dong Ma, Guohao Lan, Weitao Xu, Mahbub Hassan, and Wen Hu (University of New South Wales)

Best Poster Award:

Who's Watching Your Child? Exploring Home Security Risks with Smart Toy Bears
Joshua Steriff, Olivia Kenny, Sanchari Das, Andrew Leeth, and L. Jean Camp (Indiana University Bloomington and Bloomington High School North)

Best Poster Runner-Up:

CoCPN-Sim: An Integrated Simulation Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems
Markus Jung, Florian Rosenthal, and Martina Zitterbart (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)