IEEE Services 2019 Tutorials
IBM Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

Tutorial 1: IBM Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

Afternoon session, Monday July 8
14:00 - 17:00
Location: Sala Napoleonica Main, Universita' degli Studi di Milano

This tutorial will give attendees experience with using IBM Cloud. It will cover infrastructure components and platform services such as Watson Assistant (Watson Conversation). The tutorial will start with creating a free account that attendees can use to follow along on their laptops. The tutorial will include a solution architecture that can be used to move a business to the IBM Cloud. The solution is based on our experience over the last several years of moving IBM Research to the IBM cloud. It will cover how to deploy infrastructure in the IBM Cloud and how to secure it including the use of virtual private networks and network firewalls. The tutorial will cover how to provision IBM Kubernetes infrastructure and how to best deploy it for an enterprise business. The tutorial will also include a section on the IBM Cloud Private environment and a Watson Studio section where attendees will see how to write a Jupyter notebook to develop and train a deep learning model. It will then show how to deploy the model and use it in a simple language translator Node.js application deployed in a Kubernetes environment.

Background Required

This tutorial is intended for those with little knowledge (but not required) of information technology infrastructure including server hardware, bare metal, virtual machines, and some basic networking concepts. Some experience with Python, Node.js, or JavaScript is preferred but not required.


Carlos A. Fonseca, IBM Research Division, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 USA (

Carlos Fonseca is an Executive IT Architect, Software Engineer, and a people manager. With over 20 years of software development, and architecture experience, Carlos has provided many contributions to IBM technologies, solutions, and software products. Currently, Carlos manages a high-performance team of software engineers, IT specialist and architects providing innovated Information Technology solutions for IBM. These solutions range from application development, IBM cloud application and infrastructure architecture and design, mobile design and development, wireless technology solutions, emerging client adoption solutions, VPN and secured access solutions. Carlos provides technical leadership in many of the team’s contributions including leading several key cloud infrastructure architecture and deployment projects in IBM Research.

Lorraine M. Herger IBM Research Division, Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 USA (

Ms. Herger is the Director of Research Integrated Solutions and CIO of IBM Research, a worldwide organization with 12 locations; a Master Inventor, with over 50 patents, 25 publications and a Senior Technical Staff Member. Lorraine received the 2017 CIO 100 award for innovative use of technology to drive business for IBM Research by creating a cloud environment where IBM Research can host assets for external partners. Lorraine is the chief technical architect of THINKLab, an innovative environment for immersive experiences and led the team in the design, and installation of each of IBM’s 13 THINKLabs. Lorraine and her team currently manage the Cloud for the IBM Research Division.

Mercy Bodarky is a Security focal for the Integrated Solutions Team of IBM Research. In this role, Mercy works across several disciplines including IT Security, Cloud, and Privacy, IT & business operations and collaboration. She manages several global security programs for all services to the division. Mercy is an active member of the IRI, ACM and SWE. She also serves as the webmaster for the SWE, NY City chapter. In her spare time develops outreach projects to educate students of all ages to STEM careers.