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Advance Program (Subject to change)
December 16, 2013
08:00-8:50 Registration
08:50-10:15 Opening Remark and WESA/KASTLES Keynote: Jane Hsu
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:20 WESA Workshop 1
Session BI: Business Informatics
12:20-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:20 WESA Workshop 2
Opening Remark and KiBP Keynote: Massimo Mecella
15:20-15:40 Coffee Break
15:40-18:00 KASTLES Workshop
KiBP Workshop

December 17, 2013
08:00-8:50 Registration
08:50-10:15 SOCA Keynote I: Hideyuki Tokuda
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:20 Session 1: Large Scale SOA
Session 2: Context-aware Service
12:20-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:20 Session 3: CPS and IoT
Session 4: SOA System and Applications
15:20-15:40 Coffee Break
15:40-18:00 Invited Papers
Session 5: Business Process Management

December 18, 2013
08:00-8:50 Registration
08:50-10:15 SOCA Keynote II: Link C. Jaw
10:15-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:20 Session 6: Service Composition and Design
Session 7: Service Platform
12:20-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:20 Session 8: Quality of Service
Session 9: Runtime Architecture

Advance Program for SOCA 2013
Session 1: Large Scale SOA
  Session Chair: Stefan Fischer, University of Lübeck, Germany
  • Workflow Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Cloud-based Execution of Elastic Processes
    Philipp Hoenisch, Stefan Schulte, and Schahram Dustdar

  • Service Migration Patterns - Decision Support and Best Practices for the Migration of Existing Service-based Applications to Cloud Environments
    Christoph Fehling, Frank Leymann, Stefan T. Ruehl, Marc Rudek, and Stephan Verclas

  • Performance Diagnosis for SOA on Hybrid Cloud Using the Markov Network Model
    Zhenqiu Huang, Kwei-Jay Lin, Jing Zhang, Weiran Nie, and Lina Han

  • Multi-perspective Process Variability: A Case for Smart Green Buildings
    Aitor Murguzur, Hong-Linh Truong, and Schahram Dustdar

Session 2: Context-aware Service
  Session Chair: Horst Hellbrück, Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • A Model for Intelligent Adaptation and Evolution of Polymorphic Services
    Anthony Karageorgos, Nikolay Mehandjiev, Elli Rapti

  • Putting Services in Context
    Danijel Novakovic and Christian Huemer

  • Ontology based Context Modeler for Context-Aware Systems
    Tarik Fissaa, Hatim Guermah, Hatim Hafiddi, Mahmoud Nassar, and Abdelaziz Kriouile

  • On the Situated Semantics of Service Systems
    Anshuman Saxena and Alain Wegmann

Session 3: CPS and IoT
  Session Chair: Christian Huemer, TU Vienna, Austria
  • PatRICIA – a Novel Programming Model for IoT Applications on Cloud Platforms
    Stefan Nastic, Sanjin Sehic, Michael Vögler, Hong-Linh Truong, and Schahram Dustdar

  • Towards Automated IoT Application Deployment by a Cloud-based Approach
    Fei Li, Michael Vögler, Markus Claeßens, and Schahram Dustdar

  • An Infrastructure Supporting Considerate Sensor Service Provisioning
    Jia Zhang, Nimish Radia, Zhipeng Li, Norman Xin, Yuan Ren, Prateek Sachdeva, Puja Subramanyam, Sky Hu, Song Luan, Lydian Lee, Bo Xing, Du Li, Jordan Cao, Ted Selker, Bob Iannucci, Martin Griss, and Anthony Rowe

  • Name-Centric Service Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems
    Horst Hellbrück, Torsten Teubler, and Stefan Fischer

Session 4: SOA System and Applications
  Session Chair: Maria del Carmen Calatrava Moreno, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Implementing Context-Aware Performance Management in Intelligent SOA Middleware
    Jinhwan Lee and Kwei-Jay Lin

  • On-demand Provisioning of Infrastructure, Middleware and Services for Simulation Workflows
    Karolina Vukojevic-Haupt, Dimka Karastoyanova, and Frank Leymann

  • Service-Oriented Architecture for Smart Environments
    Viktoriya Degeler, Luis I. Lopera Gonzalez, Mariano Leva, Paul Shrubsole, Silvia Bonomi, Oliver Amft, and Alexander Lazovik

  • CoMFS: A Collaborative Matrix Factorization System for Quality-of-Service Prediction
    Wei Lo and Jianwei Yin

Session 5: Business Process Management
  Session Chair: Schahram Dustdar, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
  • Continuous Correctness of Business Processes against Process Interference
    Nick van Beest and Doina Bucur

  • Measuring the Installability of Service Orchestrations Using the SQuaRE Method
    Jörg Lenhard, Simon Harrer, and Guido Wirtz

  • Automated Discovery and Maintenance of Enterprise Topology Graphs
    Tobias Binz, Uwe Breitenbücher, Oliver Kopp, and Frank Leymann

  • A Risk-aware Decision Model for Service Sourcing
    Nico Roedder, Paul Karaenke, and Rico Knapper

  • Service Value Broker Patterns: Integrating Business Modeling and Economic Analysis with Knowledge Management
    Yucong Duan, Ajay Kattepur, Quirino Zagarese, and Wencai Du

Session 6: Service Composition and Design
  Session Chair: Zaki Malik, Wayne State University, United States
  • Composition of the Electronic Health Record: Mobile Efficiency in mHealth
    Richard K. Lomotey and Ralph Deters

  • Reducing Nondeterminism in Automated Service Composition
    Felix Mohr, Theodor Lettmann, and Hans Kleine Büning

  • Unified Execution of Service Compositions
    Katharina Görlach, Frank Leymann, and Volker Claus

  • Green Business Process Patterns – Part II
    Alexander Nowak and Frank Leymann

Session 7: Service Platform
  Session Chair: Iickho Song, KAIST, South Korea
  • Selective Profiling for OS Scalability Study on Multicore Systems
    Kuo-Yi Chen, Yuan-Hao Chang, Pei-Shu Liao, Pen-Chung Yew, Sheng-Wei Cheng, and Tien-Fu Chen

  • MobiCrop: Supporting Crop Farmers with a Cloud-Enabled Mobile App
    Richard K. Lomotey, Yiding Chai, Shomoyita Jamal, and Ralph Deters

  • Push vs. Pull: An Energy Perspective
    Daniel Burgstahler, Ulrich Lampe, Nils Richerzhagen, and Ralf Steinmetz

  • A Novel Information Search and Recommendation Services Platform Based on An Indexing Network
    Xiaodong Deng, Ming Jiang, Haichun Sun, Yangjie Zhang, Junjun Liu, Yu Guo, Xin Wang, Dajie Ge, Pengwei Wang, Zhijun Ding, and Hongzhong Chen

Session 8: Quality of Service
  Session Chair: Ying Zou, Queen's University, Cananda
  • A Unified Framework of QoS-based Web Service Recommendation with Neighborhood-Extended Matrix Factorization
    Yueshen Xu, Jianwei Yin, and Wei Lo

  • Collaborative QoS Prediction via Feedback-based Trust Model
    Liang Chen, Yipeng Feng, and Jian Wu

  • Unifying Compliance Management in Adaptive Environments through Variability Descriptors
    Falko Koetter, Monika Kochanowski, Thomas Renner, Christoph Fehling, and Frank Leymann

  • A web service composition approach based on QoS preferences
    Raluca Iordache and Florica Moldoveanu

Session 9: Runtime Architecture
  Session Chair: Hong-Linh Truong, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
  • Implementing and Running Data-Centric Dynamic Systems
    Alessandro Russo, Massimo Mecella, Fabio Patrizi, and Marco Montali

  • A Framework for Automated Service Negotiation
    Khayyam Hashmi, Erfan Najmi, Zaki Malik, and Abdelmounaam Rezgui

  • Towards Collaborative, Dynamic & Complex Systems
    Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Santiago Gómez Sáez, Dimka Karastoyanova, and Andreas Weiß

  • How does Neighborhood Matter? An Empirical Study on MF based QoS Prediction Framework
    Wei Lo and Jianwei Yin

Session BI: Business Informatics
  Session Chair: Naoki Fukuta, Shizuoka University, Japan
  • Invited Talk: Business Informatics for Enterprise Transformations
    Henderik A. Proper

  • Rank Aggregation for QoS-Aware Web Service Selection and Composition
    Birgit Hofreiter and Stéphane Marchand-Maillet

  • General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units in Service-Oriented Architectures
    María Del Carmen Calatrava Moreno and Thomas Auzinger

Invited Paper Session
  Session Chair: Bing-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • A Reliable, Safe, and Secure Run-time Platform for Cyber Physical Systems
    Sung-Soo Lim, Eun-Jin Im, Nikil Dutt, Kyung Woo Lee, Insik Shin, Chang-Gun Lee, and Insup Lee

  • A Green Context-Aware Platform for Smart Living
    Chun-Yu Chen, Yu-Jen Ku, Chih-Wei Ho,Yan-Ze Lin, and Chun-Ting Chou

  • Collaborative QoS Prediction via Matrix Factorization and Topic Model
    Tingting Liang, Lichuan Ji, Liang Chen, Jian Wu, and Zhaohui Wu

  • An Indexing Network Model for Information Services and Its Applications
    ChangJun Jiang, ZhiJun Ding, PengWei Wang, HaiChun Sun, Bo Yuan, Yuan He, ChunGang Yan, and HongZhong Chen

Advance Program for WESA
Session WESA 1
  Session Chair: Kuo-Ming Chao, Coventry University, UK
  • A Bluetooth-Smart Insulating Container for Cold-Chain Logistics
    Pai H. Chou, Cheng-Ting Lee, Zan-Ya Peng, Jo-Ping Li, Tong Kun Lai,
Chun-Min Chang, Cheng-Hsun Yang, Yi-Lin Chen, Chin-Chung Nien, Li-Huei Chen, Li-Yen Lai, Jen-Chao Lu, and Shang-Chih Hung

  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting System IEC61131 Compatible Framework
    Renato Ely Castro, Carlos E. Pereira, Fausto B. Líbano, Luciano F. Chaves, and Hermes J. G. Jr.

  • Building Energy Use Prediction Using Time Series Analysis
    Zhou Ruijin, Pan Yiqun, Huang Zhizhong, and Wang Qiujian

  • Impact of Heat Pump Water Heater Sizing on Energy and Demand Savings: An
Empirical Assessment in the Southeast United States
    Sam Delay, Christopher Gray, Chris Holmes, and Krish Gomatom

Session WESA 2
  Session Chair: Yiqun Pan, Tongji University, China
  • A Social Trust based Recommendation Mechanism for Web Service Dynamic Collaboration
    Szu-Yin Lin, Ya-Ching Yang, Chi-Chun Lo, and Kuo-Ming Chao

  • Integrating the Physical World with the Internet - A Concept Evaluation
    Oliver Kleine

  • QoS-aware Energy Management Architecture for Cloud Services
    Mohammed Alodib

Advance Program for KASTLE
Session KASTLES 1
  Session Chair: Naoki Fukuta, Shizuoka University, Japan
  • Automated Negotiating Agent with Strategy Adaptation for Multi-times Negotiations
    Katsuhide Fujita

  • A Preliminary Implementation on Pricing Mechanisms for Electric Resource Control Markets
    Naoki Fukuta

  • Evaluation of Community-based Electric Power Market with Multi-agent Simulation
    Takuya Yoshimura, Ryo Kanamori, and Takayuki Ito

  • Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring with Feature Extraction from Higher Order Moments
    Hwang-Ki Min, Taehun An, Seungwon Lee, and Iickho Song

  • Evaluation of Automated Negotiation System for Changing Route Assignment to Acquire Efficient Traffic Flow
    Jun Takahashi, Ryo kanamori, and Takayuki Ito

Advance Program for KiBP
Session KiBP 1
  Session Chair: Andrea Marrella, Sapienza - University of Rome, Italy
  • Towards a Goal-oriented Framework for the Automatic Synthesis of Underspecified Activities in Dynamic Processes
    Andrea Marrella and Yves Lespérance

  • Towards a Dynamic Replication Scheme for Processes with Open Services
    Abul Ahsan Md Mahmudul Haque and Weihai Yu

  • Learning Bayesian network from event logs using mutual information test
    Riska Asriana Sutrisnowati, Hyerim Bae, Jaehun Park, and Byung-Hyun Ha

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