Call for Tutorials

The tutorials program of IC2E 2021 aims to introduce its attendees to the latest academic and industrial Cloud Computing technologies. Tutorials may cover, but are not limited to, the technologies and engineering involved in the use, analysis, management, maintenance and/or construction of Cloud Computing platforms and cloud services. Proposals are welcomed for tutorials at introductory, intermediate, and advanced skill-levels, either spaning a full day (about 6 hours in total) or a half-day (about 3 hours in total). Tutorial proposals are solicited and should be emailed to the Tutorial Chair at The subject line in the email should use "IC2E 2021 Tutorial Proposal".

Submission Information

Proposals should include the following information:

  • Tutorial name and a 175 words abstract describing the tutorial, which is suitable for inclusion on the conference website
  • Names and affiliations of the presenters (normally at most two)
  • Intended audience skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and any prerequisite knowledge required
  • Expected duration (full-day or half-day)
  • Detailed description (3 pages maximum)
  • Statement on whether this tutorial has been given previously, and if so, how this instance will be different
  • Brief resume or curriculum vitae for each presenter (2 page maximum for each)
  • A list of the days when the presenters will be available for presentation. Indicate all available days, the time preferences will be considered.

Important Dates
  • Tutorial proposals due: January 30, 2021
  • Notification of decision: February 7, 2021


Workshops and Tutorials Chairs can be contacted with any questions related to IC2E 2021 Tutorials.