IoTDI 2020

5th ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation April 21-24, 2020 — Sydney, Australia

Accepted Papers

  1. REACT: an Agile Control Plane for Industrial Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks
  2. RepEL: A Utility-preserving Privacy System for IoT-based Energy Meters
  3. Recovery-Conscious Adaptive Watermark Determination Technique to Achieve Low Latency in Time-Order Event Stream Processing
  4. Leveraging Fine-Grained Occupancy Estimation Patterns for Effective HVAC Control
  5. QID: Identifying Mobile Devices via Wireless Charging Fingerprints
  6. Learning Context-aware Policies from Multiple Smart Homes via Federated Multi-Task Learning
  7. The Standby Energy of Smart Devices: Problems, Progress, & Potential
  8. LinkLab: A Scalable and Heterogeneous Testbed for Remotely Developing and Experimenting IoT Applications
  9. Evaluating Emergency Evacuation Events Using Building WiFi Data
  10. MapTransfer: Urban Air Quality Map Generation for Downscaled Sensor Deployments
  11. Towards IoT Device Identification in the Wild
  12. Characterizing Smart Home IoT Traffic in the Wild
  13. SPIDERS: Low-Cost Wireless Glasses for Continuous In-Situ Bio-Signal Acquisition and Emotion Recognition
  14. IDIoT: Towards Ubiquitous Identification of IoT Devices through Visual and Inertial Orientation Matching During Human Activity

Short Papers

  1. Adaptive Data Replication in Real-Time Reliable Edge Computing for Internet of Things
  2. Recorp: Receiver-Oriented Policies for Industrial Wireless Networks
  3. IoTRepair: Systematically Addressing Device Faults in Commodity IoT
  4. OAC: Overlapping Office Activity Classification through IoT-Sensed Structural Vibration
  5. ECCO: Edge-Cloud Chaining and Orchestration Framework for Road Context Assessment
  6. DevLoc: Seamless Device Association using Light Bulb Networks for Indoor IoT Environments
  7. Time Awareness in Deep Learning-Based Multimodal Fusion Across Smartphone Platforms
  8. A Battery-Free In-Class Response System using RFID Tags
  9. A Novel Data Collection Framework for Telemetry and Anomaly Detection in Industrial IoT Systems
  10. Fast and Accurate Streaming CNN Inference via Communication Compression on the Edge