IoTDI 2021

5th ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation May 18-21, 2021 — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Accepted Papers

  1. DeepObfuscator: Obfuscating Intermediate Representations with Privacy-Preserving Adversarial Learning on Smartphones
  2. EdgeML: An AutoML Framework for Real-Time Deep Learning on the Edge
  3. Rim: Offloading Inference to the Edge
  4. MLIoT: An End-to-End Machine Learning System for the Internet-of-Things
  5. Design and Optimization of Traffic-Aware TSCH Scheduling for Mobile 6TiSCH Networks
  6. SecDeep: Secure and Performant On-device Deep LearningInference Framework for Mobile and IoT Devices
  7. Harnessing Human Variability in Personalized IoT Applications: Human-in-the-Loop Fairness-aware Reinforcement Learning Approach
  8. SmartParcels: Cross-Layer IoT Planning for Smart Communities
  9. SoftBLE: An SDN Framework for BLE-based IoT Networks
  10. On the Energy Costs of Post-Quantum KEMs in TLS-based Low-Power Secure IoT
  11. DeepSQA: Understanding Sensor Data via Question Answering
  12. Lux: Enabling Ephemeral Authorization for Display-Limited IoT Devices
  13. RespWatch: Robust Measurement of Respiratory Rate on Smartwatches with Photoplethysmography
  14. milliEye: a Lightweight mmWave Radar and Camera Fusion System for Robust Object Detection
  15. Sentinel: A Robust Intrusion Detection System for IoT Networks Using Kernel-Level System Information
  16. ObscureNet: Learning Attribute-invariant Latent Representation for Anonymizing Sensor Data
  17. CurrentSense: A novel approach for fault and drift detection in environmental IoT sensors
  18. Black-Box IoT: Authentication and Distributed Storage of IoT Data from Constrained Sensors
  19. When Video meets Inertial Sensors: Zero-shot Domain Adaptation for Finger Motion Analytics with Inertial Sensors