IoTDI 2021

The 6th ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation May 18-21, 2021 — Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Accepted Posters

  1. Vibration-based Indoor Occupant Gait Monitoring with Robot Vacuum Cleaners
    Authors: Zhizhang Hu, Yue Zhang, Shijia Pan (University of California Merced)
  2. Benefits of GPU-CPU Task Replacement for Edge Device and Platform
    Authors: Cheng-You Lin, Chao Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)
  3. Enabling a Flexible and Sustainable Smart Campus Networking Backbone Using LoRaWAN
    Authors: Cheng-En Yu, Chao Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)
  4. Energy Efficiency and Timeliness in Model Training for Internet-of-Things Applications
    Authors: Chih-Shuo Mei, Chao Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)
  5. Design of an Energy-Efficient End-to-End Messaging Protocol for Smart Cities
    Authors: Shang Chih Chung, Chao Wang (National Taiwan Normal University)
  6. Improving Security Performance of Dual UAVs System with Unknown Eavesdropper Location
    Authors: Jianwei Sun, Heng Zhang, Weiwei Xu, Hongran Li, Jian Zhang, Jiacheng Ke, Hao Yan (Jiangsu Ocean University)
  7. Optimal Distributed Bandwidth Allocation in NB-IoT Networks
    Authors: Hongde Wu, Zhengyong Chen, Noel E. O'Connor, Mingming Liu (School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University)
  8. Indoor Height Recovery by Cellular Signal Data
    Authors: Weixiong Rao, Jinhua Lv, Yige Zhang, Erwu Liu, Rui Wang (Tongji University); Zhao Dong (China Mobile); Zhiren Fu (China Telecom); Yanfen Chen (China Unicom)
  9. Third Party Authorization of LwM2M Clients
    Authors: Leandro Lanzieri, Peter Kietzmann, Thomas C. Schmidt (HAW Hamburg); Matthias Wahlisch (Freie Universitat Berlin)
  10. Accurate and Fast Detection of Tag Antenna Damage for RFID Sensing
    Authors: Yinan Zhu, Chunhui Duan, Xuan Ding (Tsinghua University)
  11. Online Energy Management under Uncertainty for Net-Zero Energy Ecosystems
    Authors: Chunqiu Xia, Wei Li, Xiaomin Chang, Albert Zomaya (The University of Sydney)
  12. Configuration Tuning for Distributed IoT Message Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
    Authors: Zhuangwei Kang, Yogesh Barve, Shunxing Bao, Abhishek Dubey, Aniruddha Gokhale (Vanderbilt University)
  13. A Transfer Learning Framework for IoT-enabled Environments
    Authors: Amin Anjomshoaa (Lero - the Irish Software Research Centre, National University of Ireland); Edward Curry (Insight Centre for Data Analytic, National University of Ireland)

Accepted Demos

  1. Porting and Execution of Anomalies Detection Models on Embedded Systems in IoT
    Authors: Bharath Sudharsan, Pankesh Patel, Abdul Wahid, Muhammad Yahya, John G. Breslin (National University of Ireland Galway); Muhammad Intizar Ali (Dublin City University)
  2. SmartParcels - A What-If Analysis and Planning Tool for IoT-Enabled Smart Communities
    Authors: Tung-Chun Chang (University of California, Irvine, USA); Georgios Bouloukakis (Telecom SudParis, France); Chia-Ying Hsieh, Cheng-Hsin Hsu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan); Nalini Venkatasubramanian (University of California, Irvine, USA)