Instructions for Authors

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Once the notification letters are sent to authors of accepted papers, Congress Publication Chairs will forward email addresses to the IEEE CPS staff editor who, in turn, will directly contact authors for instructions to upload camera-ready manuscripts. As in the past, there will be six volumes to be produced for 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services. Publication Chairs assigned to compile and produce each volume are:
Zhongjie Wang: IEEE CLOUD, IEEE ICWS, IEEE SCC volumes
Katsunori Oyama will supervise the proceedings compilation and production work as Senior Publication Chair in 2020.

Publication Chairs may contact you for questions and resolving issues like correct registration (see below for paper designators).

Authors and speakers please review the presentation policy page to make a corresponding plan. All authors/speakers will present their work remotely this year after the Congress Steering Committee made a final decision to convert the Congress into the digital-only format. Authors/speakers will be instructed to prepare prerecorded presentation material for uploading 2-3 weeks before the Congress date following the guidelines to be given by IEEE CPS staff at a later date.Please visit the registration page to properly register your technical contribution.

Authors/speakers wishing to remotely participate in the Congress must follow the presentation policy and the presentation format/material guidelines, to be posted at a later date.

Authors must strictly follow the naming convention (i.e. designators) to clearly label each paper as follows when submitting camera ready manuscripts to IEEE CPS. Full author instructions with the camera-ready submission link will be sent directly to authors by IEEE CPS. The August 3 registration deadline is firm. After August 3, unregistered papers will be removed from the final paper list and proceedings.

It is the Congress policy that authors are not allowed to modify the paper title, add/remove authors, or take other actions that may cause confusion and deviate from the original intent of the submission. Such changes must be submitted to the program chair(s) of the corresponding conference for written approval, with the assigned publication chair fully informed. Failing to do so will result in removal of the paper in question.

IEEE SERVICES 2020 Paper Types, Dates, Publication Volumes

(as of 4/24/2020)
Paper Type/Code Submission Due Date Camera-ready Due Example of Paper Coding
(in addition to paper number)

Page Limit Extra Page Limit
Conference *
Early and Normal Submissions
Regular/Full (*_REG) 5 March 5 June
SMD_REG_12 10 2 Vol. 1-5
Short (*_SHT) 5 March 5 June CLD_SHT_47 5 0 Vol. 1-5
WIP (*_WIP) 5 March 5 June CWS_WIP_116 3 0 Vol. 1-5
Late Submissions (from final submission window)
Regular/Full (*_REG) 5 June 7 August SMD_REG_97 10 2 Vol. 1-5
Short (*_SHT) 5 June 7 August CLD_SHT_274
5 0 Vol. 1-5
WIP (*_WIP) 5 June 7 August CWS_WIP_310 3 0 Vol. 1-5
PC-invited (*_INV) current 7 August SCC_INV_151 10 2 Vol. 1-5
*: Conference designators - CSD/CWS/EDG/SCC/SMD; For industry paper track (EDGE only) please add IND to the paper designator; that is, EDG_IND_007 for an industry paper with an EasyChair assigned paper ID 7 from the EDGE submission site.

**: Within-conference workshop papers accepted by SCC please add WSP to the paper designator; that is, SCC_WSP_007 for a workshop paper within SCC with an EasyChair assigned paper ID 7 from the SCC submission site. These SCC Workshop papers are limited to 8 pages with no option to purchase extra pages.

Workshops Vol. 6
WSP_invited (*_WSI) 12 June 20 July WKN_WSI_25 6 2
WSP_submitted (*_WSS) 12 June 20 July AIS_WSS_48 6 2
*: WSP - Replace it with the corresponding workshop code (see below)
Shared Symposium Vol. 6
SS_invited (*_SSI) 5 June 20 July FFS_SSI_24 8 0
SS_submitted (*_SSS) 5, 12, 19 June
20 July DHS_SSS_17 8 0
*: Symposium designators (see below); above for symposium full papers; all other categories please see CFP.
Symposium designators are: Digital Health as a Service Symposium (DHS; FinTech or Future Financial Services (FFS); Industry Symposium (IND)

Doctoral Symposium Vol. 6
SS_Paper (DSP_SSP) 24 July 7 August
DSP_SSP_32 4 2
SS_Poster (DSP_SSO) 24 July 7 August DSP_SSO_75 2 0
*: Doctoral Symposium designator is DSP
Concise Papers (SSC_CON) 24 July 7 August SCC_CON_144 2 0 Vol. 6
Note 1: Shared Symposia designator: FFS (FinTech), DHS (Digital Health as a Service)
Note 2: Firm uniform registration deadline: August 3 (afterwards, all non-registered papers will be removed).

Exception: Doctoral Symposium papers and other student participants not registering a paper can register between 3-17 August using the student rate.
Note 3: Workshop Code: To replace WSP shown above - e.g. a paper submitted to AISA: AIS_WSS_7; a paper invited by IWKN: WKN_WSI_25
Workshop AIS Artificial Intelligence and Service Adaption (AISA)
Workshop PHP Big Data for Public Health Policy Making (BIGPHP)
Workshop COS Software Integrating Collective Service, Intelligence and Ecosystem (COSINE)
Workshop CSR Cyber Security and Resilience in the Internet of Things (CSRIOT)
Workshop WHI Heterogeneous Infrastructures (DAWHI)
Workshop FIO Future Internet of Things Services (FIOTS)
Workshop FIN Software Engineering FOR/IN the Cloud (FORINC)
Workshop WCS Crossover Services (IWCS)
Workshop WKN Knowledge Networks (IWKN)
Workshop WNS Network Services (IWNS)
Workshop SEC Satellite Edge Computing (WoSEC)