[October 29, 2020] We are pleased to announce the following awards for SERVICES 2020.

WISC (Women in Services Computing) Lightning Talk Awards

  • Zhi Jin, Peking University
  • Yanmei Zhang, Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE)

Best Paper Awards

  • IEEE CLOUD: Skedulix: Hybrid Cloud Scheduling for Cost-Efficient Execution of Serverless Applications, by Anirban Das, Andres Leaf, Carlos A. Varela and Stacy Patterson
  • IEEE EDGE: A Camera-Radar Fusion Method based on Edge Computing, by Yanjin Fu, Daxin Tian, Xuting Duan, Jianshan Zhou, Ping Lang, Chunmian Lin and Xin You
  • IEEE ICWS: An Integrative Multi-Dimensional Evaluation of Service Ecosystem, by Xiao Xue, Shizhan Chen, Binjie Lie, Zhaojie Chen and Shufang Wang
  • IEEE SCC: Fine Grained Conflict Detection of IoT Services, by Dipankar Chaki and Athman Bouguettaya
  • IEEE SMDS: A Latent Feelings-aware RNN Model for User Churn Prediction with only Behaviour Data, by Meng Xi, Zhiling Luo, Naibo Wang, Jianrong Tao, Ying Li and Jianwei Yin

Best Student Paper Awards

  • IEEE CLOUD: The Design and Implementation of a Scalable DL Benchmarking Platform, by Cheng Li, Abdul Dakkak, Jinjun Xiong and Wen-Mei Hwu
  • IEEE EDGE: RS-pCloud: An Peer-to-Peer Based Edge-Cloud System for Fast Remote Sensing Image Processing, by Tongzheng un, Jingpan Xiong, Yang Wang, Tianhui Meng, Xi Chen and Chen-Zhong Xu
  • IEEE ICWS: A Multi-Stage Approach for Virtual Network Function Migration and Service Function Chain Reconfiguration in NFV-enabled Networks, by Biyi Li, Bo Cheng and Jun-Liang Chen
  • IEEE SCC: DeepRouting: A deep Neural Network Approach for Ticket Routing in Expert Network, by Jianglei Han and Aixin Sun
  • IEEE SMDS: Scalable and Hybrid Ensemble-based Causality Discovery, by Pei Guo, Anchuna Ofonedu and Jianwu Wang

YESC (Young Experts in Services Computing) Student Paper Awards

  • IEEE CLOUD: Lambdata: Optimizing Serverless Computing by Making Data Intents Explicit, by Yang Tang and Junfeng Yang
  • IEEE EDGE: Noninvasive Industrial Power Load Monitoring based on Collaboration of Edge Device and Edge Data Center, by Jinying Yu, Weinan Liu and Xin Wu
  • IEEE ICWS: ORHRC: Optimized Recommendations of Heterogeneous Resource Configurations in Cloud-Fog Orchestrated Computing Environments, by Ai Xiao, Zhihui Lu, Jie Wu, Xin Du and Patrick C.K. Hung
  • IEEE SCC: Fluid Composition of Intermittent IoT Energy Services, by Abdallah Lakhdari and Athman Bouguettaya
  • IEEE SMDS: Stargazer: A Deep Learning Approach for Estimating the Performance of Edge-Based Clustering Applications, by Breno Dantas Cruz, Arnab Kumar Paul, Zheng Song and Eli Tilevich

YESC (Young Experts in Services Computing) Student Paper Participation Awards

  • VMatch: A Matching Theory Based VDC Reconfiguration Strategy, by Anurag Satpathy, Manmath Narayan Sahoo, Lucky Behera, Chiiaranjan Swain and Ashutosh Mishra
  • Computing Admissible Temporal SLAs for Web Service Compositions, by Marco Franceschetti and Johann Eder

[October 24, 2020] Thank you to all participants and speakers who helped make the IEEE 2020 SERVICES Congress a successful online event! Please view our promotion for 2021, and feel welcome to distribute the 2021 Call for Papers. See you next September in Chicago!

[October 18, 2020] The full CONGRESS program has been posted as a pdf file, with details on events and sessions. Read more...

[October 17, 2020] K. Celcuk Candan will deliver Keynote 5 on Friday October 23, 19:00 UTC time, in place of Valerie Issarny. His talk will be on Smart Data Services for Sensemaking in Human-Centered Dynamic Systems. Read More...

[October 15, 2020] All session chairs and speakers should log in to Underline and test the system before end of day on Sunday, October 18. Session chairs should see an option to "start the session." Speakers also should see options to join. Information about how to use Underline is detailed in the training video below. If you do not see these session options on your screen, please immediately contact

[October 15, 2020] Underline has provided information on internet browsers that work best with their platform. Please check this list and plan ahead for best results!

[October 15, 2020] The recipients of the 2020 IEEE TCSVC Awards have been announced. Congratulations to the winners!

Outstanding Leadership Award
Peter Chen, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Innovation Award
Amit Sheth, University of South Carolina
Munindar Singh, North Carolina State University

Outstanding Service Award
Shiping Chen, CSIRO Data61
Katsunori Oyama, Nihon University

Rising Star Award
Xuanzhe Liu, Peking University

Women in Services Computing Award
Wei Lu, K2Data

Read more about TCSVC Awards

[October 14, 2020] Underline has provided a recording of the training session for its platform. Please visit the virtual conference page to view.
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[October 10, 2020] Underline will conduct training for SESSION CHAIRS on Wednesday October 14. All session chairs should receive an email invite to training sessions at 8:00 UTC, 14:00 UTC, and 18:00 UTC. Session chairs should attend ONE OF THESE MEETINGS. Each meeting is the same content. The training session will be recorded in case you absolutely cannot make one of the live sessions.
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[September 26, 2020] IEEE 2020 SERVICES Congress will be presented through the Underline platform. To avoid potential network issues and problems, each presenter is REQUIRED to record and upload your presentation in advance to Underline. Click here for more details.

[September 17, 2020] The advance registration deadline has been extended to October 12. Register here if you are in China. Register here if you are outside of China.

[September 15, 2020] CALL FOR PARTICIPATION OF THE INAGURAL IEEE SERVICES HACKATHON EVENT: We’re pleased to announce the Inaugural IEEE SERVICES Hackathon event and invite interested parties to participate.

IEEE Services Hackathon is an event collocated with the 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2020), and is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society. At the IEEE Services Hackathon, we want services computing to feel relatable to students who are about to embark on their professional career, and show how services computing can be used to help people improve the quality of life. The Hackathon provides a platform for enthusiastic and driven students from a diverse range of backgrounds to collaborate and bring innovative ideas within the services computing industry to life, while providing them with an opportunity to engage with industry mentors.

As a team, you will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with other students who come from different backgrounds, as well as be able to demonstrate and hone your programming, presentation and analytical skills. You will also be paired with a mentor. At the end of the Hackathon, you will also be provided with a certificate of participation. We are also inviting young professionals to volunteer as mentors at this event. As a mentor, you will be assigned to a team to help them on their projects. Mentors must be available on the dates of the Hackathon.

For more details, please check out and we look forward to seeing you all there.

[August 16, 2020] The 2020 Awards program to be presented at the Congress has been announced. Follow this link for program details. Follow this link for details.

[August 15, 2020] The 2020 IEEE Symposium on Women in Services Computing (WISC) has announced the 2020 program. Follow this link to the WISC web page.

[July 10, 2020] 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services registration is now fully available to participants inside and outside of China. Registrants wishing to pay fees in USD may register through this link. Registrants inside China wishing to pay with RMB may register through this link.

[June 26, 2020] 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services will be held as a totally virtual event, as approved by the Congress Steering Committee. All dates stay the same. Proceedings will be published as planned. All presentations are required to be given through digital means in 2020.

[June 11, 2020] EDGE Conference Deadlines Updated
EDGE Conference deadlines have been updated. Submissions are due June 26; Notifications will be sent July 20; Registration is due August 3 with camera ready papers due August 7.

[June 11, 2020] Workshop Deadlines Updated
Workshop deadlines have been updated. Submissions are due June 26; Notifications will be sent July 20; Camera ready and registration is due August 3, 2020. Please see individual workshop webpages for more information.

[May 30, 2020] IEEE World Congress on Services 2020: YESC Student Paper Awards
IEEE TCSVC Young Experts in Services Computing (YESC) committee is part of IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing (IEEE TCSVC). It aims to facilitate the communication and collaboration among worldwide young experts in services computing and to curate rising stars in services computing.

YESC committee is pleased announce the YESC Student Paper Awards as part of the IEEE World Congress on Services 2020 (IEEE SERVICES 2020). YESC will award $300 for the *most innovative* student paper in each of the main IEEE SERVICES 2020 conferences (IEEE CLOUD, IEEE SCC, IEEE ICWS, IEEE SMART DATA, IEEE EDGE). Other paper evaluation criteria are, but not limited to, scientific quality, clarity of presentation, potential impact. YESC Student Paper Awards are in addition to Best Student Paper Awards of IEEE SERVICES 2020 affiliated conferences.

In addition, YESC will award two cash support of $150 each to students participating to the conference.
Eligible papers must meet the following criteria:
- the first author must be a student and qualified as a YESC member
- the first author must apply for the award
- the first author must present the paper (remote presentations are allowed per IEEE SERVICES 2020 policy)

Further information on how to apply to the awards will be distributed by the program co-chairs of IEEE SERVICES 2020 affiliated conferences.

Please contact the YESC chairs if you have questions about these awards.
- Claudio A. Ardagna,
- Kenneth K. Fletcher,
- Yanmei Zhang,

[April 24, 2020] Author/Speaker Information and Author Registration Information has been posted.

[March 21, 2020] The IEEE SERVICES Congress community is sorry to report the very sad news that our dear friend Professor Michael Goul, Steering Committee member and Congress Symposia General Chair, passed away on March 20, 2020 after a short battle with cancer. We have lost a great colleague to many, a dear friend to all of us, a fine scholar from the academia, and a key organizer for the IEEE World Congress on Services.

[March 5, 2020] The organizers of the 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services remain steadfast in advancing our discipline by continuing to engage an international community of scholars committed to the highest standards of research quality. Because of the unusual situation in China this year, the organizers opted to relax the onsite presentation policy while re-committing to high quality review processes consistent with the Congress’ excellent reputation. This decision balances our ongoing global engagement strategy with a practical remedy to deal with an unusual situation.

As of March 5, the Steering Committee has approved the final plan for the 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services. The Congress will be still held in Beijing, but the dates have been moved to October 19-23, 2020. The program committee for each conference will continue its operation for the current batch of submissions according to the current schedule:
Normal paper submission due: February 13 March 5, 2020 (5:00 am, UTC)
Final notification to authors: April 6 April 20, 2020
Camera ready manuscripts due: April 20 May 4, 2020
Congress dates: July 7-11 July 20-24, 2020October 19-23, 2020

Because the move created a 7-month gap before the Congress is actually held, the Steering Committee decided to accommodate authors with one more submission window as follows:
Normal paper submission re-opened for the final window: April 27, 2020
Normal paper submission for the final window due: June 5, 2020 (5:00 am UTC)
Final notification for the final window to authors: July 20, 2020 (for all papers submitted in the final window due June 5)
Camera ready manuscript due: August 7, 2020
Congress Date: October 19-23, 2020

Papers accepted within this final window will also be included in the same 2020 proceedings.
Due to this final move the Congress has issued a newly revised presentation policy for authors and presenters affected by the travel issues.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us for further details:

[February 17, 2020] The Congress has issued a revised presentation policy for authors and presenters affected by travel issues. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us for further details:

[February 8, 2020] The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. We will continue to monitor official travel advisories related to the Corona Virus and update the event website to keep you informed. We encourage you to review the conference’s “Travel and Safety Information” page for tips and travel recommendations provided by IEEE.

The current plan is that 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services will still be held in Beijing with the following new set of key dates:
Normal paper submission due: February 13 March 5, 2020 (5:00 am, UTC)
Final notification to authors: April 6 April 20, 2020
Camera ready manuscripts due: April 20 May 4, 2020
Congress dates: July 7-11 July 20-24, 2020

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us for further details:

[September 20, 2019] All General Chairs and Program Chairs for the co-located conferences have been appointed.

[July 11, 2019] During the onsite Steering Committee meeting in Milan, a major reorganization plan was approved. In 2020, The number of co-located conferences will be reduced to allow more focused effort to fully develop a more coherent set of world-class professional events and leave space for incorporating more emerging and critical subjects for the services community.

[July 11, 2019] During the onsite Steering Committee meeting in Milan, the 2020 date for IEEE World Congress on Services was decided. It will be held from July 7-11 in Beijing, China.

[June 1, 2019] Professors Elisa Bertino and Hong Mei were appointed to serve the 2020 Congress General Chairs, and Professors Ernesto Damiani and Zhi Jin were appointed the Program Chairs-in-Chief for 2020.


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